Abs-olutely Swimsuit Ready Core Workout & At Home Body Tone

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re ready to start the week off right. I have two throwback workouts for you. The first workout is focused on creating a strong and sculpted mid-section. It is a low impact, but highly effective workout that will challenge your core from every angle. It will help strengthen & tone the rectus abdominis (central 6-pack abs), obliques (love handles), and low abs. It also utilizes your transverse abs, which run horizontally across your abdomen & act as a natural corset to pull in your waist.

abs picture

If you look at the photo above you can see that each of the abdominal muscles run in a different direction. The direction of the muscle fibers is a clue to show you which directions you need to move your core to activate those muscles. This is why all of my core workouts use a variety of movements and planes of motion. To get a truly strong core you need to strengthen all of these muscles.

I filmed these workouts about 2-Months after my first NPC Naturals Bikini Competition. My 12-Week Bikini Prep Program is still one of my favorite programs that I have created.


The second workout is a full body low impact workout. I recommend pairing both workouts together & adding in some bonus cardio for fat burning. I paired these workouts with a run. Aim for total workout time around 60-Minutes. If you don’t have that much time don’t worry! Just get in what you can. Being consistent is more important than getting in a long workout every once in a while.

Have fun!

All Levels: Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds rest between exercise. 

1. Right Plank Step
2. Left Plank Step
3. Up Dog/Down Dog
4. Bicycle Abs
5. Toe Tap Situp
6. Cross Plank (right)
7. Cross Plank (left)
8. Bicycle Boat
9. Temple Tap Abs
10. Knee Tap Plank Crunch

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes Cardio of Choice

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

1. Plank Squat
2. Slow Mountain Climber
3. Side Sit-up Twist (right)
4. Side Sit-up Twist (left)
5. Warrior Lunge Lift (right)
6. Warrior Lunge Lift (left)
7. Starfish Can-Can
8. Prone Heel Press
9. Leg Series (right)
10. Leg Series (left)

Repeat 1-3X

plank smile


4 thoughts on “Abs-olutely Swimsuit Ready Core Workout & At Home Body Tone

  1. K-C

    in SERIOUS (to me anyway) need of advice. No diet or exercise I’ve ever done has gotten rid of my love(hate)-handles. I’ve tried everything from Atkins to 21 day fix. NOTHING WORKS. I’ve sought out personal trainers, MMA fighters, and the like. I’ve even done a solid month of strictly core workouts. A combo of yours, P90X, T25, and Insanity. Working out 6 days a week. I’m fighting family genetics but, I’m in good shape. Cardio/stamina isn’t a problem. I just really need help with abs/sides/core. I’ve got the strength, just want to figure to reflect all my hard work. Any advice?

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