Full Body Shake Down: HIIT Workout (15 Minutes per Round)

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are ready for today’s workout! This is a quick workout that can be repeated to increase the intensity. I incorporated cardio bursts throughout this routine to really increase the burn. You can incorporate jump rope or high knees for your cardio bursts. Be sure to push yourself during each interval to get in maximum repetitions (with good form!)

I will be filming a new workout this evening when I get home from work. Do you find it tough to get in your workouts after working all day long? What techniques do you use to ensure you are getting your workout in?

Have fun with today’s workout! I will see you tonight!

PS This month I am hosting a daily bonus move of the day challenge on my Instagram page. You can find me on IG: @BenderFitness.


Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 15 rounds of 10/50.  

1. Jump Rope or High Knees
2. Wide Leg Side Plank Push-up
3. Jump Rope or High Knees
4. Dive Bomber
5. Jump Rope or High Knees
6. Spiderman Plank
7. Jump Rope or High Knees
8. V-Up
9. Jump Rope or High Knees
10. Angel Abs
11. Jump Rope or High Knees
12. Hip Thrust (right)
13. Jump Rope or High Knees
14. Hip Thrust (left)
15. Jump Rope or High Knees

Repeat 1-3X

*Optional Bonus Cardio Blast: 15 minutes cardio of choice or 2 Mile Run.

13 thoughts on “Full Body Shake Down: HIIT Workout (15 Minutes per Round)

  1. Sara

    I would workout when I got home from work during the school year. Now that I’m a nanny in the summer I’m back being a morning workout person. Ill run in the evening.

  2. Christy

    I definitely struggle once I get home at the end of the day…I have worked out as my lunch hour since my youngest son was born almost 17 years ago…I used to also frequently run in the morning before work but now find that I have more free time in the evenings so I tend to workout immediately after work and allow myself to sleep later in the morning. If I wait until after I’m home for the day I either dread the workout or talk myself out of it and feel guilty. 🙂

  3. Jeannie

    Hi Melissa,
    I just injured my foot today, and love to follow your workouts, which is making me very upset. And I just started week 2 of your Bodyrock challenge. What exercises can I do to still have high intensity and burn calories without jumping. I’m thinking of using one leg pushups and squats with weights. What do you think?

    Jeannie in NC

    • benderfitness

      I hope that you’re feeling better! Those are some great variations to keep up the intensity. Kettle Bell swings are another great alternative. Be careful and let yourself heal. If you notice that it’s taking a long time to heal, it’s best to take some full days off for recovery.

  4. Chelsea

    This was hard!!!! 50 secs of high knees has me breathing hard and sweating buckets. Great workout! Thanks again!!!

  5. I workout everyday at 4 am. .. yes call me crazy! !!:) I have to be at work at 5 am so that’s the best time for me. I used to workout in the morning and evening with my husband which does not get up at 3:15 to workout at 4am with me, but it got to be too much, I was getting too many injuries so now I just stick with mornings n we just walk about 4 miles in the evening. I love this routine Melissa it’s awesome but I really like jump rope more than high knees 🙂 🙂 great job! !!! all my best .

  6. Jackie

    I gotta say. This is AWESOME!!!!! I found you via Bodyrock.tv and I gotta say, I’m hooked. I have loved every one of your workouts so far. Thank You for putting it in for us everyday. see you tomorrow =)

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