BF Daily Challenge Workout Move: Day 2: Decline Pushup to Split Squat

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Hi Everyone!

This is #BFChallenge Day 2. This is a tough move. The advanced version and the modified version are both below. You can also modify the movement by completing the pushup from your knees or substituting a plank for the push-up. Remember, where there is a will, there’s a way! I’m an Occupational Therapist so I help people modify activities all day long!

As you grow stronger you will be able to progress to the more advanced variations.

I am completing the challenge moves right along with you all! I did 20 Reps X3 of the Advanced variation along with my workout today.

This is a full body move. This exercise incorporates core, arms, back, shoulders, glutes and legs. Single leg exercise help maintain muscular balance. This occurs because the stronger leg isn’t able to compensate for the weaker leg. Just as we have a dominant hand, most people also have a dominant leg. When we isolate and work one leg at a time we are forcing the non-dominant leg to utilize the full load.

I hope you enjoy today’s challenge move!



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