BF Daily Challenge Workout Move: Day 1: Leg Circles

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Hi Everyone!

This month I am hosting a daily workout move challenge! I have been sending one of my co-workers daily challenges to help her stay motivated, and it inspired me to do another daily challenge to share with all of you.

I am posting the videos on my Instagram & Facebook Pages, but I am also including them here so they are easy to find and access in the future.

Today’s move is leg circles. This move focuses on creating stability and strength through the core, pelvic floor and back. You want to hold a strong core throughout the movement, and stabilize your torso as the lifted leg moves.

This move looks deceptively easy, but it is challenging and effective. Remember to complete the exercise on both sides!

If you are following along on Instagram or Facebook you can use: #BFChallenge #BenderFitness #BFWorkouts or tag me @BenderFitness. I love seeing your progress!


One thought on “BF Daily Challenge Workout Move: Day 1: Leg Circles

  1. Laura

    I am so happy to have found your workouts. I love variety and use them while at home and when I travel for work. I am sure they would be more beneficial if I got my eating habits under better control. I still workout 6 days a week and feel great for the most part. I am 3 years an ex smoker and this is what keeps me strong!
    Keep up the great work and positive motivation!

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