BodyRock Bootcamp: Week 7 Workout Schedule

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Hi Everyone!

It’s a brand new week! This is the workout schedule for Week 7 of my workout series. I hope you have all been enjoying the workouts, and weekly schedules! I really enjoyed filming the BodyRock workout series and I am excited to share it with you.

I incorporated a few of my newest workouts into this week’s schedule. All of the workouts can be repeat 1-3X, and/or paired with 30 minutes of cardio of choice. The goal is to keep your total workout time around 60 minutes total.

You can follow along with the videos below, or click the workout title for the full workout breakdown. Be sure to listen to your body during the week, and incorporate rest days or lighter days as needed. It’s important to find a program/schedule that you can can stick to and make it a part of your normal routine. Real results come from consistency.

Have fun!



Day 1: Quick Lower Body Workout

Day 2: Tight Core Body Weight Workout: 15 Minute HIIT

Day 3: BodyRock BootCamp-Week 7

Day 4: 30 Minute Dumbbell Workout

Day 5: 30 Minute Yoga Flow or Active Rest Day

Day 6: 20 Minute Full Body HIIT Boot Camp

Day 7: Standing Abs & Thighs Workout

Bonus: Foam Rolling to Decrease Post Workout Soreness




21 thoughts on “BodyRock Bootcamp: Week 7 Workout Schedule

  1. Lalramchhana

    Miss Bender.. i Really appreciate your fitness routine. Im joining it. Thanks alot for providing such a Free good programme. According to me – You’re clips were the best weightless fitness programme. It intense and short. And i really like your Timer- Im from India. How will i have it

  2. Thank u Melissa for this weeks workout schedule. I usually repeat or combine the workouts with some of your other wo for a longer routine and I love it. Please don’t stop the weekly schedules. Your style of training is fantastic and you draw me in each and everyday.. You have a beautiful toned body and your personality shines… You inspire me!

  3. Claudia

    Hi Melissa:) I have been following you for a long time and just love you and your variety of workouts. You and your husband are inspiring as a healthy and happy team. It’s so refreshing to have workout ideas from a healthy mind, body and lifestyle point of view rather than just vanity. Your caring and sincerity really shine. Thank you!

    • benderfitness

      Thank you so much! That is the core message of what we want to share, and it means a lot to know that’s coming across! Have a great day!


    Hi Melissa,
    I absolutely love your workout videos and find them the best from among all the trainers at Bodyrock. Best thing about your workout is that they are high intensity packed, yet short workout that can fit right into the schedules of very busy people juggling with work and family. Your videos have helped me shed a lot of fat and overall weight and Ièm loving my results..however, I have fat towards the inside of my knees and it look horrendous..I have lost considerable weight around thigh and legs..but inner knee fat doesnt budge. Can you please tell me what should I really focus on to be able to lose that kind of fat. Not a lot of people I see have that kind of fat. It is normal to accumulate fat over the top of knees..but having on the inner part of knees really makes me concious as it sticks out of my tights and Ièm embarrassed to wear shorts or dresses above the knees. My husband thinks thats how my knees are structured but I can hold it..and its fat. Ièd very grateful if I can really do something about it.

    • benderfitness

      I am glad you’re enjoying the workouts! Eventually the fat in that area will reduce as well, but to help speed up the visible results you can focus on thigh exercises. That will improve your metabolism (leg muscles are the largest in the body and provide a great metabolism/fat burning boost!), shape your legs/thighs, and provide some “lift” to that area. Muscle is what gives your body shape & definition. Definitely include exercises that double as great fat burners while simultaneously working your thighs. Plyometrics (Jump Squats, Lunge Jumps, Plie Jumps, etc), Running, Sprints, Walking or Running Hills are some great techniques. I hope that helps!

  5. Hi Melissa 🙂 I too like your workouts, I look forward to every morning to workout with you! I really like the mixer of different routines but i do love weights n jump rope ones the best.. they are my favorite. I’ve been working out with you for a long time, I love when you have your cat in the videos, I’m a cat lover too :)…..I want to thank you so much for your hard work that you do, hope you never stop! You are awesome. Angela

  6. Andrea

    Which Gymboss do you use for high volume of intervals? I love how diverse your workouts are, it gets boring when you do the same thing over and over again. You’re a wonderfully enthusiastic instructor and that really shows in your workouts. That passion is what spreads to other people, and it’s exciting to see instructors like you spread great workouts like this for free!! Keep up the great work!!

    • benderfitness

      Thank you very much! I have the regular Gymboss and the minimax. If you want more complex intervals go for the MiniMax. It has more options. 🙂

  7. Hi Melissa it’s me again, just want to ask you about back n biceps. . . I’m a 55 year old woman, used to be a trainer myself, I’ve noticed that with age my muscle definitions are not the same. . i cannot do pull ups, had surgery on both shoulders few years back, but ever since i have hard time pulling with no pain…Also i have tendinitis in my biceps from lifting all my working outs years, what do you suggest I do? Had cortisone shots which btw are very painful, I’ve noticed that my biceps are not as defined as they used to be but my triceps are : ) I would love to hear from you any advice will be appreciated. Thanks for all your great routines. Can’t wait til tomorrow. Ang

  8. Sarah

    Hi Melissa!

    I’ve been following your blog for over a year and a half now. Love your workouts! I was so excited when I found out you were doing a challenge with bodyrock. They’re fantastic too!
    I was hoping to get some fitness advice from you. I do a variety of hiit workouts 5x per week, for about an hour a day. I just started biking to and from work for a total of 80 min a day (on average, at a moderate to hard pace) but still want to incorporate my hiit workouts as well. How would you recommend doing so? I don’t want to be counterproductive with my workouts by doing too much!
    I was thinking of doing maybe 30-45 min of hiit every second day instead of 5x a week? What do you think?

    • benderfitness

      I think you are right on track! You don’t want to over-do the intensity, and by doing HIIT every other day you will be giving your body a much needed break. Be sure to listen to your body. If you start to notice signs of over-training take some time off. 🙂

  9. Amy

    Melissa I have been following you for a long time, LOVE your workouts. First place I go every morning when planning my workouts. My daughter introduced me to the style of workout about 5 years ago. I Started working out with Jane Fonda in the ’80’s I have done all. But HIIT has become my all time favorite. Better abs than I had in my 20’s. All this being said been having some shoulder problems PT says over training the fronts of the shoulder. Being good, doing all my exercises she gave me and I am much better. Wondering if you could do a few standing workout to give me more to choose from. Not a lot of lunges either have SI issues too. OK cut me some slack I’m 52.

  10. Axel

    I did the BodyRock Bootcamp Week 7 yesterday and it was great! I like Melissa’s workouts a lot!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!

  11. Melinda

    Hello, i have been checking out your site…….awesome!
    Had a question, im motivated (finally), im gonna do your 7wk workout. How many times /week do i do this? Im obviously gonna start with video 1. Thank you!!!!!

    • benderfitness

      You can repeat each video between 1-4X. If you are going to be doing it with cardio 1-2X plus cardio should be enough. If you are doing it alone you can increase the number of rounds. 🙂

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