Full Body Rejuvenation Workout

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Hi Everyone!
This is a full body workout. You can complete this workout for Reps or set your interval timer for 13 rounds of 10/50 and go for Max Reps.
I planned on filming a new workout yesterday, but Buffy (our shy cat) was sick. I took the evening off to take care of her, and she is feeling much better. We will be filming a new workout this evening when I get home from work. It will be up late tonight, or early tomorrow morning.
I know many of you face the same challenges of working full time, meeting all of your obligations, and fitting in your workouts. How do you make time for your workouts & health even when you are busy?
It gets tricky sometimes. I know that when I workout I have more energy to get everything else done. When I skip my workouts I feel more tired. I think it’s important to prioritize your health. It makes all aspects of your life better.
Don’t forget, you can also check out my Week 4 BodyRock Workout Schedule for this week.
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I hope you guys enjoy the workout! See you tomorrow.
Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps
Repeat 1-3X
1. Jump Lunge
2. Elevator Ab Plank (right)
3. Elevator Ab Plank (left)
4. 90 Degree Leg Lift (right)
5. 90 Degree Leg Lift (left)
6. Single Leg Plank Knee to Updog (right)
7. Single Leg Plank Knee to Updog (left)
8. Jump Kick (right)
9. Jump Kick (left)
10. Hold and Roll
11. Weighted Heel Press (right)
12. Weighted Heel Press (left)
13. Hip Tap Abs
Repeat 1-3X

5 thoughts on “Full Body Rejuvenation Workout

  1. codi

    Hey Melissa! Thanks I didn’t want to work out either but I was actually bored and didn’t want to watch tv (and I also got a good trail run in today). So I picked hanging out with you!! I have a question: do you have any tips for staying above your hands during plank exercises…especially when there are dynamics involved? I tend to get rocked back onto the balls of my feet and my arms are at an obtuse angle instead of 90 degrees?? Thanks! Enjoy your night!

  2. Sarah

    Hey Melissa, thanks for being so real in your workouts. You are so strong but I love that you never edit out losing your balance or edit your reactions to how tough a workout or a move is. It really encourages me and makes me want to keep working!!
    Also Jesse makes me laugh so hard, love his comments when he is filming and love to hear how completely in love with you he is. 🙂 You guys make an awesome team.

  3. Michele

    Love your workouts – hated this one – in a good way :)!!! The single plank knee to up dog and hold and roll KILLED me! I have rectus diastasis and have to be careful with abs, but also need to work on them! So so glad I found your site – started getting bored with lifting and my HIIT workouts – love the variety!!! Starting to try yoga and you have great videos with good feedback for form and I need that! Thanks! Oh – and I love cats too and am an OT – and graduated from PITT! 🙂

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