21 Minute Full Body Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is finally posted! It took a while for this one to upload and process, but no more waiting! It’s here! 

I have a great week of workouts planned. This one is low-impact, but still very effective. The only impact exercise is jump rope, and you can substitute high knee marching if you need a lower impact option for your joints. 

I paired this workout with a 2-Mile Run for some added cardio. You can also choose to change the intervals to 30/50, and add 30 seconds of High Knees or Jump Rope if you are looking for a higher intensity workout today. 

I have great workouts planned for this week so keep checking back!

I hope you enjoy the workout!


Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer

Set your timer for 21 Rounds of 10/50. 

1. Jump Rope
2. In/Out Squat
3. Camel Reach
4. Toe Touch Plank
5. Tricep Squat Leg Lift (right)
6. Tricep Squat Leg Lift (left)
7. Bow Lift
8. Ab Lean Pulse
9. Superman
10. 3-Way Plank (right)
11. 3-Way Plank (left)
12. Pendulum Abs
13. Seated Twist
14. Down Dog Bent Knee Lift (right)
15. Down Dog Bent Knee Lift (left)
16. Scissor Abs
17. Wide Leg Toe Tap Situp (right)
18. Wide Leg Toe Tap Situp (left)
19. Jump Rope
20. In/Out Squat
21. Camel Reach

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 15-30 Minutes Cardio. 

Jump Rope

In/Out Squat: Part 1

In/Out Squat: Part 2

Camel Reach: Part 1

Camel Reach: Part 2

Toe Touch Plank

Tricep Squat Leg Lift: Part 1

Tricep Squat Leg Lift: Part 2

Bow Lift

Ab Lean Pulse


3-Way Plank: Part 1

3-Way Plank

3-Way Plank

Pendulum Abs

Pendulum Abs

Seated Twist

Down Down Bent Knee Lift

Scissor Abs

Seated Twist Situp: Part 1

Seated Twist Situp: Part 2

Jump Rope

In/Out Squat: Part 1

In/Out Squat: Part 2

Camel Reach: Part 1

Camel Reach: Part 2

5 thoughts on “21 Minute Full Body Workout

  1. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sharing all these amazing workouts with us, you are the best!!!!
    Would you consider to create a 30 Day Arms Challenge and/or a 6/8/12 Week Weight Training Program?? Before I discovered your blog, I tried Jamie Eason’s “LiveFit” Program but there was a point that it didn’t motivate me anymore. I am quite sure that yours would keep us motivated and challenged from beginning to end, as all your workouts. Please think about it…
    Warm regards from a Venezuelan woman who follows you from Japan đŸ˜‰

  2. Teresa Brunson

    Just curious, when you combine your running with your workout, which do you do first, the cardio or the workout of the day?

    • benderfitness

      Workout of the day, followed by the cardio. Every once in a while I switch it up, because it does change the dynamic of the challenge. Generally speaking you don’t want to do the workout tired, because you don’t want to sacrifice your form due to fatigue.

      The exception is doing a warm-up or a short core series before running. Jesse does core before every run.

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