10 Minute Stability Ball Workout: Full Body Workout Challenge: Part 2

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Hi Everyone!

Get your stability ball ready! It has been a while since I have used the stability ball. It’s a fun way to mix up the challenge and incorporate some different moves into your workout. 

Today is Part 2 of my 3 Part Full Body Workout Challenge. The workout schedule for this week is listed below. Day 4 is a rest day, and Day 5 combines all three workouts together for a 40 minute challenge workout. 

Day 1: Jump Rope Workout (Repeat 1-3X or Pair with Another Workout of Choice)
*Day 2: 10 Minute Stability Ball Workout (Repeat 1-3X, Pair with Jump Rope Workout 1X, or video of Choice)
Day 3: 20 Minute HIIT Fat Burn (Repeat 1-3X)
Day 4: Rest or Easy Day
Day 5: Jump Rope, Stability Ball & 20 Minute HIIT Workout (40 Minute Full Body Workout.)

Have fun with today’s workout! 

Gambit loves working out!

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 10 Rounds of 10/50 and a Stability Ball. 

1. Butt Pull
2. Thigh Squeeze
3. Single Hip Lift (right)
4. Single Hip Lift (left)
5. Superman Glute Lift
6. Back Extension
7. Prone Elbow Twist
8. Pike
9. Reaching Situps
10. Ball Pass

Repeat 1-3X
Pair with 10 Minute Jump Rope Workout.

Butt Pull: Part 1
Butt Pull: Part 2
Thigh Squeeze: Part 1

Thigh Squeeze: Part 2
Single Leg Hip Lift: Part 1

Single Leg Hip Lift: Part 2

Superman Glute Lift

Back Extensions: Part 1

Back Extension: Part 2

Prone Elbow Twist: Part 1

Prone Elbow Twist: Part 2

Pike: Part 1

Pike: Part 2

Reaching Situps: Part 1

Reaching Situps: Part 2

Reaching Situps: Part 3

Ball Pass: Part 1

Ball Pass: Part 2

Ball Pass: Part 3

Gambit took my spot!

5 thoughts on “10 Minute Stability Ball Workout: Full Body Workout Challenge: Part 2

  1. I LOVED THIS DUO (jumprope and stability ball)! I workout with you 5+ days a week and that jumproping killed me (in a good way)-I guess it’s been a while. The stability ball back exercises BURNED…
    Good combo. I like that its short but gets it done.
    Thank you – as always

  2. This is great! You are such a kind and caring soul for busting out new workouts every day that are free. You have not only helped me develope a healthy lifestyle but tons of other people as well. Thank you so much!

  3. Those are great core exercise. You can also try TRX pike if you have problem with balance using Swiss-ball. I have definitely rolled off to the side more times than I like to admit. 😉 This movement develops coordination and strength in the entire body, integrating the core with the upper and lower extremities.

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