HIIT the New Year Hard: Workout 4: Full Body Standing Dumbbell Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a full body routine that utilizes dumbbells. I alternated between 12 and 20 lb dumbbells. You want to select an appropriate weight that you can use to increase the challenge, while also maintaining appropriate form for each exercise. 

Anytime you use weights you want to make sure you are completing the exercise in the full range of motion, and with appropriate form. Control the movement of the weight throughout the exercise, going both up and down. Using weights can help you achieve your weight loss goal, and sculpt lean muscle. Lean Muscle=Higher Metabolism. 

I went through this workout once, and paired it with a 4.25 mile run outside. We are having unseasonably warm weather, so I took advantage of it and ran in the sunshine. 

You can find today’s Bonus Workout move on Instagram: Here (@BenderFitness). I am posting a different Bonus Workout move every day this month. 

My DietBet Challenge just started. If you want to join you can do that here: www.dietbet.com/BenderFitness. The pot is over $16,300 now, and everyone who hits their weight loss goal splits the pot. 

I hope you enjoy today’s workout!

PS If you are joining me for the challenge don’t forget to check in on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. The check in posts are a great way to stay motivated and on track. 🙂

PPS The Full Workout List will be updated throughout the course of the month and can be found HERE

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 15 Rounds of 10/50. 

1. Dumbbell Rotational Lunge (right)
2. Dumbbell Rotational Lunge (left)
3. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right)
4. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
5. Tricep Extension
6. Bent Over Row
7. Dumbbell Skier Swing
8. Warrior Deadlift (right)
9. Warrior Deadlift (left)
10. Side Kick Press (right)
11. Side Kick Press (left)
12. Chair Twist
13. Tricep Drop
14. Single Leg Tap (right)
15. Single Leg Tap (left)

Rotational Lunge
Curtsy Lunge Kick Part 1
Curtsy Lunge Kick Part 2
Tricep Extension
Bent Over Row
Dumbbell Skier Swing
Warrior/Single Leg Deadlift
Side Kick Press Part 1
Side Kick Press Part 2
Chair Twist
Tricep Drop
Single Leg Tap Part 1
Single Leg Tap Part 2

9 thoughts on “HIIT the New Year Hard: Workout 4: Full Body Standing Dumbbell Workout

  1. This was a great workout! I like especially the last move – very challenging. And I am always happy when I see curtsy lunges in your workouts, they are one of my favorite 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I’m seeing changes in my body and it’s only been day 4 of your boot camp workout! lost 1.5kg already and love my shape already! Thank you so much for your challenging workouts! 🙂

  3. Caarin

    Loving this bootcamp series to get back on the wagon, did this after a 60 min cardio session (run/walk outside). All muscles feel sufficiently like jello now. Thank you!

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