12 Weeks to the Flying Trapeze & Bikini Competition Prep Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

I have exciting news to share. My best friend, Rose, has agreed to become an Ambassador for BenderFitness. Rose has already lost 45 lbs.  Along the way she has been blogging about her weight loss and sponsoring a charity for every 10 lbs she loses. She recently moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco and she wants to make 2015 her healthiest year yet. One of her goals this year is to be strong enough to take a Flying Trapeze class. 

She doesn’t know this yet, but I am planning on visiting her at the end of her 12 Week Program for some workouts, to see her progress, and to take a Flying Trapeze class with her. 

I know that she can achieve her goal, and even though I live on the other side of the country I want to help her make it happen!

To take her fitness journey to the next level, Rose is going to be completing my 12 Week Bikini Competition Prep Workout Program

She will be sharing her journey, and her daily workouts on her blog: http://mychangeforaten.com and her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MyChangeForATen
I will be posting weekly updates about her journey for the next 12 weeks. You can join her in the workouts, and share your experiences with her, or you can support her with comments and check-ins as she tackles the next part of her journey to a healthier and stronger life. 

I am so proud of her for how far she has come already. She used to be the beautiful girl who would hide her body behind me in pictures because she was uncomfortable with how she looked. I have deleted many photos of her (at her request) because she didn’t like how they made her feel. 
If you want to join her for the workouts you can start with Month 1: HERE. Having a supportive community can really help you stick to your goals. 

I can’t wait to see Rose get even stronger and healthier! There is nothing better than seeing your friends succeed at achieving their goals, and improving their happiness in life. 


One thought on “12 Weeks to the Flying Trapeze & Bikini Competition Prep Workouts

  1. Anonymous

    hi Melissa,
    which would give the best results?…following the new 2015 challenge workouts or the 12 week bikini competition workouts?

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