Diet Bet Challenge: Day 28: Active Rest Day

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Hi Everyone!

It’s another Active Rest Day! Just two more days of workout before  final weigh-in time for the Diet Bet Challenge. 

How has this month been for you? Did you Give Up, Give In, or Give It All You’ve Got? Hopefully the last one applies to you!

No matter where you are in relation to your goal I want you to take a moment and appreciate yourself for all of the hard work that you have put in this month. Sticking with this challenge and your workouts is a huge accomplishment in it’s self. 

That said, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress photos and hearing about how you feel at the conclusion of this workout program. 

Enjoy your day off. Try to get moving a little bit to get out any soreness, but keep it easy and restful. Two more days of workouts, and then you have two days for final weigh-in and to submit your photos. 


PS Special Shoutout to my brother, Matt! Today is his birthday! 
PPS Check in on FacebookInstagram or Twitter  to let me know how you’re doing with your goal!

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