10 Minute: Tighter Waist Core Workout: Workout for a Smaller Waist

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Hi Everyone!

This was my workout today. Today’s workout if focused on strengthening and toning the core, and creating a leaner/tighter waist. I chose several moves that utilize the deep abdominal muscles. 

The deep abdominal muscles act like a muscular corset to create a leaner and stronger mid-section. When combined with cardio this is a really great workout for strengthening and sculpting your abs. 

I paired today’s workout with a 6.27 mile run outside. I am trying to get back into the habit of making Sunday my long run day. I haven’t been getting in much consistent mileage lately so I am slowly going to build up the length of my Sunday runs. 

If you aren’t a runner I listed a cardio option below, or you can pair this with one of my Cardio Workouts for a bonus cardio challenge. 

Jesse and I also completed the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and made a donation to the ALS Association

You can find the video here:  Bender Fitness #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Have fun! Feel free to laugh at me if you check out the Ice Bucket Challenge video. I despise being cold (I was less nervous to go Sky Diving than I was to dump that water on my head!)

See you tomorrow!

PS You can also find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Jesse has also been posting Sneak Peek workout videos on his Instagram account. 

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Repeat 1-4X

Set your Interval Timer for 10 rounds of 10/50 seconds.  

*Optional Cardio Boost: Set your Interval Timer for 20 rounds of 10/50 seconds and add 50 seconds of mountain climbers, high knees, or jump rope in between each exercise.  

1. Plank
2. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
3. Side Plank Reach (right)
4. Side Plank reach (left)
5. Temple Tap Abs
6. V-Up Twist
7. Reach Through
8. Leg Lift
9. Hip Lift
10. Crunch and Tap

8 thoughts on “10 Minute: Tighter Waist Core Workout: Workout for a Smaller Waist

  1. I find ur workouts amazing.
    Whenever i do any kind of supine leg lifts, my back arches a bit while lowering the legs n it makes a suction type of sound with the floor or mat. Is that normal????

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa,
    Really love your workouts and so thankful that you offer them for free!
    Hey so I was curious if you have any suggestions for Diastasis Recti? I developed during my first pregnancy and haven’t been able to close it past about 2-3 fingers. What will make this better! Appreciate it in advance!

  3. Anonymous

    Im in the same boat! First baby and dealing with diastasis recti. In fact i think some moves ive been doing have possibly been making it worse? Im six week postpartum and have been cleared for exercise If you have a workout you could post to help us mommy’s get rid of the dreaded “mummy tummy”. Love all your routines I did them with modifications until the day I delivered my daughter.

    • With Diastasis Recti you actually have to avoid most traditional ab exercises. I will make a video of some safe exercises. Basically you want to focus on exercises that pull the core in (as if you could touch your belly button to your spine). Most other core exercises can exacerbate it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much Melissa! Also… Do you recommend splinting along with the exercises? I keep reading about exercises and splinting working together. I am 3 months pregnant (I posted about DR originally on this thread…) and don’t want to do MORE damage this time around… yuck…
      Thanks again!

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