Core Workout for a Tighter Tummy

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Hi Everyone!

This was my workout last night. It’s a quick core workout, but you will definitely feel it! This routine works the core from every angle, to strengthen and tone your mid-section. 

I incorporated exercises to pull-in the waist, and work the love handle area. The core is more than just the “six-pack.” It includes your back and sides as well. 

Building strength through your core helps protect your low back, and provide postural alignment for everything you do. If you build a balanced core you can reduce back pain. As a bonus, the postural improvements can help re-align your hips and get rid of the “belly pouch” that many people notice in their low abs. 

I hope you enjoy this workout!

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Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 12 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Mountain Climber
2. Leg/Hip Lift
3. Burpee
4. Temple Tap
5. Side Plank Reach (right)
6. Side Plank Reach (left)
7. Angel Abs
8. Frogger
9. Bicycle
10. Reverse Plank Leg Pull-up
11. Boat Kick (Can-Can)
12. Pushup Jacks

Repeat 1-3X

Reverse Plank: Maintain a straight line from heels, hips to shoulders. 

Reverse Plank Leg Pull: Maintain Reverse Plank Position.
Once you are able to maintain Reverse Plank for 30-60 seconds add the leg pull.
Keeping the hips in the same spot, tighten the core to lift your leg.
Alternate sides. 

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