5 Minute Ab Workout: Exercises for a Tighter Tummy

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Hi Everyone!

This is a 5 Minute Ab Workout Challenge. I found it surprisingly challenging for such a quick workout! You can pair this with a cardio workout, with a Sculpted Abs Challenge workout, or complete it as a workout on it’s own. 

I enjoyed the quick workout burst I got with this routine. I might try adding it into my mornings 2-3X per week before I go to work. 

I did a 4.7 mile run outside right before doing this workout. I am also posting a link to a cardio workout video below as an alternative if you would like to increase the workout intensity. 

I hope you enjoy the workout! See you tomorrow with a new one! Don’t forget to check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter to let me know how you’re doing with the challenge. 🙂


Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 5 rounds of 10/50. 

1. Frogger
2. Hip Lift Hook
3. Plank Leg Lift
4. Bicycle
5. Mountain Climber

*You can repeat this workout if you are up to the challenge!

Click HERE for a list of Cardio Workouts. 

or try:

15 Minute Cardio Cut-Up Workout

One thought on “5 Minute Ab Workout: Exercises for a Tighter Tummy

  1. Thanks for doing these workouts. I am loving every minute of it. The camera guy on the last site I was using was obsessed with crotch and cleavage shots. That’s not motivation for me. Thanks for keeping it clean and about the workout

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