New 30 Day Challenge Workouts

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Hi Everyone! 

This is a quick link to the New 30 Day Challenge workouts. I will update them throughout the month so they are easy to bookmark. You can find the original 30 Day Challenge workouts HERE

I love feedback on how the challenge is going for you so be sure to let me know or share your photos with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Thanks for joining the challenge!

Day 1: Full Body

Day 2: Cardio HIIT

Day 3: 20 Minute Arms and Abs HIIT

Day 4: Legs and Glutes

Day 5: Yoga Stretch and Recover

Day 6: On the Mat Training for a Tighter Core and/or 16 Minute HIIT for a Tighter Core

Day 7: 15 Minute HIIT and/or HIIT It, Full Body Workout

Day 8: Better Buns Jump and Burn and/or Lower Body Shaper

Day 9: 10 Minute HIIT Cardio Interval: Sweat Not Tears

Day 10: Sculpt Your Body Home Workout

Day 11: Cardio Sweat

Day 12: Cardio Burst, Fat Blast

Day 13: Weighted Sweat and Sculpt

Day 14: HIIT To Sweat

Day 15: Full Body Fat Burn

Day 16: Power Yoga Sun Salutations

Day 17: Shape It Workout

Day 18: Exercise Tummy Tuck (No Surgery Required) and/or Core/Ab Burn

Day 19: Thigh Thinner Workout

Day 20: Cardio Challenge: Mile Repeats or Cardio HIIT

Day 21: Active Rest Day

Day 22: Double Birthday Challenge and/or Kick It Up a Notch!

Day 23: Core Galore

Day 24: 15 Minute Cardio HIIT

Day 25: Improve Your Rear View and/or 15 Minute Dumbbell Sculpt

Day 26: 23 Minute Full Body HIIT

Day 27: Yoga Flow and Stretch (20 Minutes)

Day 28: All Around Fit-Running Cross Trainer

Day 29: Active Rest Day: 15 Ideas for Active Rest DaysCardio and Core/Plank and Burn

Day 30: 15 Minute HIIT

28 thoughts on “New 30 Day Challenge Workouts

  1. Anonymous

    Melissa – these workouts are awesome! Thank you for being so inspiring! Curious – are the workouts you post the only workouts you are doing to prepare for your competition?

  2. Anonymous

    You are such a good motivator! I look forward to doing your workouts! I’m only on day 9 but I will finish it! I love everything you do on this site!

  3. Anonymous

    just curious, is there a way to better sort out your 30 challenges? i have a heck of a time trying to figure out which one im actually doing. or maybe label them differently?

  4. I am so happy I found your site! I am doing an 8 week program with 30 min workouts and I am doing your 30 day Challenge as my extra credit to total an hour a day 6 days a week… I am loving your workouts and the challenge of them! I can’t always keep up but I give it my best! I can’t wait to start your bikini 12 week in May when I finish this 8 weeks! Thanks again! You are in incredible shape!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Anonymous

    PUH-LEASE keep these new 30 day challenge up on your website for awhile!!…I did a round two of your other 30 day challenge but I don’t want to switch mid challenge…I’m on day 20 on the other challenge πŸ™‚ and am so excited to start this one when I’m done!!

  6. Jess H.

    I recommend your interval workouts to everyone! They are challenging and the fact that you actually sweat when you do them makes me want to sweat with you!

  7. love these workouts! starting the challenge this week for my wedding in 105 days (but who’s counting?). The invervals really do the trick! πŸ™‚

  8. I have been a runner for years and have always had the last few pounds to lose. I decided to cut back on my running and do more strength training. I have been doing your 30 day challenge for 10 days now and LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post these!

  9. Melissa, your HIIT workouts help me get through my 11 hour work day! I love that I am getting an effective workout in such a short amount of time. My sister’s destination wedding is coming up in June so I’m trying my hardest to be bikini ready! Thank you so much for making your workouts available to everyone!!

  10. Anonymous

    Starting today! Lost 95 lbs on my own (217lbs – now, 120lbs) after pregnancy during the course of 3 years, naturally and healthy. Now time to tone. Please keep this on your site, if I see benefits right away I might do 6 months challenge. Thank you! Namaste -Carla ps. I will be documenting this challenge, not lieing about the numbers on the weight loss either, have pictures too. If it inspires you, let me know and I will share them πŸ™‚ namaste

  11. Kelly Williams

    I use your workouts everyday. I live on base in Japan and the gym gets really boring since our Insanity instructor transferred but since I found you, I share your site. Thank you☺️

  12. Anonymous

    Just started a couple of days ago, and love every minute of it. thank you for such positive and inspiring workouts!

  13. Anonymous


    I am planning to conceive now and just wanted to be in best shape during and post pregnancy. Just wanted to confirm if I can start New 30 challenge program. Would be great if you could confirm.


    • benderfitness

      Absolutely! It’s a great idea to start a workout program and keep your body strong to prepare for your pregnancy. πŸ™‚

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