30 Day Challenge: Day 5: Yoga Stretch and Recover

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge! It’s a yoga day! Time to stretch out all of those muscles and get rid of any soreness and lactic acid build up in your body. 

In addition to this workout I taught a longer variation of my Day 2 Cardio HIIT workout. We added 30 seconds of jump roping or high knees in place of the 10 seconds of rest, and we repeated the workout twice (for a total of 40 minutes) plus warm-up and cool-down. I definitely needed the yoga after that! 

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I hope you enjoy the workout today!

5 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 5: Yoga Stretch and Recover

  1. Yay!!! I could really use a yoga day!!! Wish I could get out here and get some walking in too…we have multiple feet of snow 🙁 As soon as it melts I will be adding that into my routine. 🙂

  2. Melissa, the workouts are great & I look forward to every morning before work just to do them!!
    I got into a car accident yesterday, so what do you suggest to ease back into them? I’m ok but REALLY sore & banged up but I don’t want to miss out & I want to stay strong on my 30 day commitment. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  3. This really helped me after doing your yesterdays session (day 4). My legs are feeling it today which is a good feeling. This is my second 30 day challenge as I really got into the first one I did of yours last month. Working with your own body weight was perfect as I tend to over do my training with weights in result of damaging my self so, thank you for all you hard work. Gives me so much motivation. your super cool

  4. Jayashree

    I did this wonderful yoga stretch and recover routine after 2 rounds of your cardio hiit workouts. I feel calm and rejuvenated now.
    Thanks Melissa

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