30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 29: Total Tummy Toning Workout

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Hi Everyone!

This is Workout Day 29 of the 30 Day Workout Challenge! This workout is all about toning the mid section. It was a tough one for me! I was feeling the workout from Day 28. 

Core is one of my favorite areas to work because it gives you strength, proper form and improved endurance for all of your other exercises. This is a challenging series, because it utilizes all of the muscles that make up the core. You will notice that you use your core in every plane of movement to maximize the muscle recruitment. 

I have enjoyed the 30 Day Challenge so much that I will be hosting another challenge: One Month Cardio and Body Shaping Challenge

I hope you enjoy the workout today. Thanks for joining me!

10/50 Seconds Intervals. 

1. Mountain Climber
2. Super Snow Angel
3. Clamp
4. 3-Way Frogger
5. Unicycle (right)
6. Unicycle (left)
7. 3-Part Abs
8. Angel Abs
9. Plank Rock
10. Tick Tock Abs
11. Side Plank Hip Lift (right)
12. Side Plank Hip Lift (left)
13. Crunch and Tap
14. Hip Lift
15. Down Dog Plank

3 thoughts on “30 Day Workout Challenge: Day 29: Total Tummy Toning Workout

  1. Maria BJ

    You are my greatest inspiration and by far my favourite trainer, Melissa!
    I can’t thank you enough for bringing us all these awesome and fun workouts – you’re the best 🙂 I am very sorry if this is rude to you, but I am just too curious: when were you born? You seem to have accomplished so much and yet, you look so young. Inspired by you, I just payed for my new education as a PT, starting next week! I am extremely excited 🙂 Well, I just wanted to let you know. I have followed many different fitness bloggers, but NO ONE beats you!
    Take care and have a fantastic New Year 2014!!!
    All my luck to you on your NPC participation.
    Love, Maria from Denmark

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