30 Day Challenge: Day 23: Core Galore 16 Minute Interval Workout for a T…

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Hi Everyone! 

This is workout #23 of the 30 Day Workout Challenge! One round takes 16 minutes, and it’s a great challenge! I really felt the burn during this one. 

When working the core you want to strengthen all of the muscles of your abdomen and back. A strong core will assist you and protect you in all of your other workouts (from running, to lifting, and beyond). You core powers your movements, improves your balance, and protects your back from injury. Core strength also determines your pelvic alignment which impacts the biomechanics of your hips and knees. 

Often people focus on completing crunches which target only the anterior muscles of the abdomen and create muscular imbalances tilting of the pelvis. When you are not optimizing your biomechanics you are putting increased pressure on your joints. Strengthening your core can improve and correct misalignment. This workout targets the core muscles from every angle to improve muscular balance and strength. 

I hope you all enjoy the workout!

Don’t forget to check in and let me know how you’re doing, and if you’re keeping up with the challenge! You can check in on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

10/50 Second Intervals

1. Frogger
2. Boat Heel Tap
3. Superman Heel Press
4. Knee Tap Plank
5. Leg/Hip Lift
6. Temple Tap Abs
7. Plank Leg Lift
8. Bicycle Abs
9. Bicycle Abs
10. Plank Leg Lift
11. Temple Tap Abs
12. Leg/Hip Lift
13. Knee Tap Plank
14. Superman Heel Press
15. Boat Heel Tap
16. Frogger

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 23: Core Galore 16 Minute Interval Workout for a T…

  1. Chelsea

    My favorite core workout EVER!!!! The burn was insane!!! I only did one round. I’m going to keep doing it though as a way to see how my core strength is coming along. I also repeated the No Treadmill Necessary HIIT from yesterday. It was a sweaty Monday. Great way to start the week! Thank you Melissa for all that you do.

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