10 Minute Lower Body Cardio HIIT: Thigh Burning No Equipment Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Get ready to sweat! One round of tonight’s workout only takes 10 minutes, but by the end of it you should be dripping. My thighs were quivering and I didn’t think I was going to make it through a second round (but I did). The video is below. 

I mixed things up a bit and reversed the workout for round 2. It was tough, and I felt fantastic afterwards! 

This is a fat burning, muscle toning workout. You can do one round, repeat rounds, or even break up your workout and do your rounds at different times during the day. If you put in the work you will get results. You will grow stronger, healthier and more confident in what your body is capable of. 

I firmly believe that working through HIIT workouts also trains your mental determination. It teaches you that you are capable of more than you think you are. When you first start it doesn’t matter if you begin with 10 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Find your starting place, and go from there. Build up and keep challenging yourself. Don’t forget to warm up before you start!

Post Workout: Sweat!

1. High Knees
2. Jump Squat
3. Pop Up
4. Russians
5. Lunge Hop (right)
6. Lunge Hop (left)
7. Cross Jack
8. Pendulum Hop
9. Surfer Burpee
10. Mountain Climbers

Repeat 1-3X

Pop Up Part 1
Pop Up Part 2
Cross Jack Part 1
Cross Jack Part 2

Lunge Hop

11 thoughts on “10 Minute Lower Body Cardio HIIT: Thigh Burning No Equipment Home Workout

  1. Wow, just watched this workout and I am so inspired. I love how you come off so authentic. You said when you were feeling the burn but you totally pushed through it, unlike other ppl I’ve seen who often stop and talk through their pain but tell you to keep going haha. I also like how you didn’t talk too much; I find that super annoying. You introduced the exercise and then let the workout speak for itself. I would totally purchase a dvd from you if you had one because I only have internet on my smartphone but in the day time my internet where videos are.concerned is non existent. I’m going to check your website and definitely make you my “go to” gal for some out of this world workouts! Thanks again for being such an inspiration and pushing through that workout.
    Lizz Foss

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