Love Handle Loser: 12 Minute Interval Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Tonight I re-did an older workout: Love Handle Loser, Lower Ab Workout. Originally I did this workout with Cydney, and we filmed the workout as a tutorial. This time I switched it up a bit, and tried it out interval style. The original video has variations for all levels, so be sure to check it out. This is a fat burning core workout. 

I have a confession to make. I wasn’t pushing as hard as I could during the intervals. After the workout I realized that if I’m going to truly go high intensity I need to amp up the volume a bit!

That was a good motivator for me as I headed out into the glorious sunshine (as it grows warmer you will continue to hear how much I love the sun. I can’t help it. It truly brings me joy!) I decided to do my run at a comfortable pushing pace. That resulted in me shaving 1 minute and 17 seconds off of my 3.5 mile run (as compared to a few days ago when I completed the same run). My slowest mile was an 8 minute, 39 second mile and totally uphill. The rest of my miles were between 6:56-7:47 pace. 

Jesse was doing a hard run today so I was on my own. Even though he’s much faster than I am I find that I go much slower when I run with him. My theory is that it’s because I talk a lot more when I run with Jesse. When I run by myself I just go. 

In honor of Earth Day I will be posting a vegetarian recipe. I am also doing some planting again this year (flower and vegetables). What are you doing for Earth Day? 

Enjoy the workout!

All Levels Max Reps During Each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. 
Repeat 1-3X

1.       Mountain Climbers
2.       Double Abs
3.       High Knees
4.       Double side plank (right)
5.       Double side plank (left)
6.       Monkey Jumps
7.       Tricep leg lifts
8.       Sumo Squats
9.       Low Ab Hold
10.     Sitting Ab Lift 
11.     Bridge Squeeze
12.     Burpee

3 thoughts on “Love Handle Loser: 12 Minute Interval Workout

  1. Anonymous

    I have been wanting to do yoga for a long time. I don’t know the lingo or the types. I also have Ehlors Danlos and spinal surgery and ready to stretch. And loosen and sweat;) I have lost 14.2# and just .3 more to my first goal. Well see at weigh in tomorrow 😉 please let me know where to begin on your steps. Thanks KC

  2. This is a great workout way for sure and it is allowing the people to know about easy way to lose love handles and to maintain the fitness. These workouts shared are really very effective and beneficial to be followed. I have listened about these before as well and found them very effective to be performed.

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