Interview with NPC Bikini Competitor Brittany Cavicchia

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Hi Everyone! 

As you all know I recently competed in my first NPC Bikini Competition. One of the best parts of the competition was meeting the other competitors, and women who are passionate about fitness.

As I have mentioned my workouts and bikini competition prep was significantly different than the traditional bikini prep methods (I was still eating sushi, bread and oatmeal the week of competition). Competitor Brittany Cavicchia, who won first place in Bikini Open Class B at the Natural Eastern USA Championships agreed to do an interview with me to give you all a glimpse into her bikini competition prep. As you can see from the pictures above, Brittany set a goal and went for it!

You can find Brittany on Instagram @bikinibrytt.

Check out her interview below!

1. What made you decide to compete?
 I started getting in to the competition scene on Instagram. I have a cousin and his wife who do competitions so I always knew about them but I never wanted to do it. Then when I saw all these girls on Instagram who were taking charge of their bodies and I knew if I didn’t have a goal like that then I would never get my body how I wanted it!

2. How did you select your first show and the division to compete in?

I have family in Pittsburgh and I wanted to make a mini vacation out of it. Since I’m from Florida I felt that making a big deal out of the competition would also motivate me and my family to help me get to my goal 

3. Who helped you prep?

I did everything myself until about 7 weeks out when I went to a trainer I once trained with. I knew I would need the help with competition diet and getting over my plateau. 

4. What was the hardest part of prep?

The energy! I had none!! And of course that was attributed to the diet.

5. What kept you motivated?

Myself, always! I am my number one motivation because I’m the one I’m competing against. I know I can make or break myself

6. How long was your prep?

Serious prep? About 7 weeks

7. Tell me about diet, calories, macros. Did it change or stay the same throughout? Would you like to share a sample day of meals?

Starting in November I really got in to the whole clean eating scene. I meal prepped and ate 6 small meals a day but nothing like a prep diet. About 7 weeks out is when I hit a plateau from that and got more specific. I started portioning my meat exactly and then 3 weeks out I switched to straight fish for protein. So for the horrible portion of prep I was eating 1 meal of 25g carbs in the morning but the rest was just fish and greens. Then two “higher carb” days which I could eat 25g of carbs for three meals. The diet is the hardest part!!! 

****Note (From Melissa): This is a competition diet. It is meant to be used for only a brief time, and is not a sustainable diet. Post competition Brittany returns to clean and healthy eating, which is not as restrictive as the later portions of the competition diet she is discussing here. 

8. What were your workouts like?

My split was:

On all days except rest days I did cardio and I did weighted abs about 3-4 times a week! I always tell everyone I know who are scared to start weight lifting that it is so simple! Everyone thinks I hang upside down and do crazy workouts to tone like I did. I stuck to basics for most everything and focused on keeping my heart rate up (through jumping jacks between sets) and just goin heavier every week. 

9. What is your cardio like?

From 7 weeks out I did 45 min of incline walking everyday on 15% incline at 4.2 mph. Then at 2 weeks out I started doing 1.5 hours a day and then the last week I had 5 days that I did 2 hours. I also mixed it up occasionally with the stairmaster !! 

10. Favorite snack?

Peanut butter!!!!!!! Dark chocolate peanut butter dreams from PB&Co. Or bananas. Or both together is heavenly, obviously 

11. What supplements did you use?

 I used a fat burner until 5 weeks out called Pro Power. I also used redline as a pre workout. I took Gold Standard casein before bed and every morning I had liquid L carantine.

12. Are you planning to do any more shows?

Yes! It was such an addicting rush that I will definitely do more. Looking in to a few in July and then two in November, one being nationals in Ft Lauderdale 

13. Best part about competing?

The feeling you get on stage when you realize you made it.

14. Worst part about competing?

The diet!!!! Hands down haha

15. Did you have any coaches?

Yes  his name is Dennis Shepperd and he is the owner of New Body Architects in Plantation, FL. He was amazing and did everything for me from diet to posing .

16. Fitness goals?

 I want to build build build! My legs are my weakest point and I need them to be extra solid next time around

17. Age: 22

18. Occupation:

I work for a competition bikini company called Ravish Sands based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We make quality, affordable custom competition suits that fit any budget. Also soon to be personal trainer when I get my studying butt in gear!

19. Favorite exercise?

It’s so hard to pick! My favorite muscle group to work is definitely back so I would have to go with cable rows if I HAD to pick. But really anything that pumps my back. 

20. Favorite quote?

“Patience breeds time but pain breeds strength. Trust your struggle because you can’t ignore it” it’s from a poem I wrote.  

21. Does anyone inspire you in your fitness goals?

The people all around me everyday who lift me up and support my decisions inspire me. I’m not one to have fitness chicks on my wall for motivation because I don’t believe in aspiring to be anyone else’s body but my own. I think sometimes people get too carried away living to have someone else’s glutes/legs/back etc. They forget that everyone’s body is different and theirs to love. Build your own life and aim to inspire others to build their own! But most importantly be your own inspiration because no matter where you are in your journey – you’re progressing! Be proud of YOU.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with NPC Bikini Competitor Brittany Cavicchia

  1. Great interview, thank you for sharing. Wonder how they choose who wins, looking at the picture her legs have no definition, is just her belly and arm that is defined. Are there any criteria’s for the winner? what do they look at? Thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    I too wonder what the criteria is for awarding points in a bikini competition. I think everyone looks spectacular, however I look at your body in comparison to Brittany and think you have far more overall definition and strength. I am actually really perplexed that she won. I would have put you before her without a second thought. Her legs have zero definition and she looks more skinny than fit.

  3. Anonymous

    Bikini is VERY subjective. They want toned, with no over the top muscularity. They want line seperation in your belly, but no striations. BUT… if there are 10 girls and 8 are soft and curvy, that’s how they’ll judge.. if they have 10 girls and 8 are athletic and toned, THATS how they’ll judge. Really, it’s just whatever they like on that day. I love the sport.. and she looks AMAZING!

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