10 Minute Ab Fat Burn Workout: Plus Round 2 (No Talk, All Work) Bonus

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout video is a little bit different. I did one round the way I normally do, going through and explaining the moves as I go. Then I filmed one round of me going through the workout real time, with no talking. 

I actually found it to be very awkward to go through the workout without talking. I wasn’t going to post the whole video, but I thought I would try it out and see if you guys find it helpful. You can see me struggling through the workout, and trying to push the whole time. 

As you can tell by the outfit change I didn’t do the workouts consecutively. I had extra time in the evening and decided to repeat the workout. 

I hope you enjoy the workout. Let’s get ready to be strong, and look great in our summer clothes!

PS If you want to see something cute my cat (Gambit) did, scroll to the bottom of the page!

1. Bicycle Abs
2. Wide Burpee
3. Oblique Toe Reach (right)
4. Oblique Toe Reach (left)
5. Super Fly Girl
6. Russian Kicks
7. Heel Tap Abs
8. Walk the Plank
9. 3 Part Abs
10. Mountain Climbers

Bicycle Abs
Wide Leg Burpee
Oblique Toe Reach
Super Fly Girl
Super Fly Girl
Russian Kicks
Heel Tap Abs
Walk the Plank
3 Part Abs
Mountain Climbers

Bonus pictures! Gambit likes to workout!

6 thoughts on “10 Minute Ab Fat Burn Workout: Plus Round 2 (No Talk, All Work) Bonus

  1. Aleks

    hahaha that’s adorable! Anytime I do any of your workouts at home and I have to get down in a plank position (or something similar), my female dog crawls underneath and starts to kiss my face haha Makes for a very fun workout!

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the pictures! It makes it easier to know the workout with just looking at the breakdown. I love the videos, but sometimes I just don’t have access to the internet.

  3. Liz

    Melissa, I really like that you posted the second round. It gives me the option to repeat it with you! Your very motivational, thanks for posting!!

  4. Eric

    Day 3, completed! Hi, Melissa! You kicked my butt today! Ay, mamรก! That “Super Fly Girl”, uf! I have terrible balance! You make it seem so easy, though. I’m sure it’s your yoga experience. Your balance is amazing… Sometimes you seem super human!
    But definitely the one that really beat me up was the “3-part abs”… Ay, no, no, no! Those leg raises, the crunch and then the lift?! What?! Very challenging. I made it through, though. And I dared to go a second time with you, of course, always avoiding lower back pain, because usually that’s what I feel, sometimes.
    Thank you for posting that 2nd round. And thank you for the pics of each move. Thank you for all the work you two do,… well, you three, because Gambit is in the picture, too, literally! Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

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