Month 1 Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

In honor of my 1 Year Blogging anniversary I am doing a month by month breakdown of my workouts for the past year. I started this blog on October 17th of 2011, so technically this is two weeks of workouts. These two weeks of workouts can be repeated for a full month of workouts. 

This is where I started. I had been running and creating my own workouts for some time before this, and I decided to share my journey. Thank you for joining me. I have received a lot of support and positive feedback over the past year. 🙂 All of the success stories that I have read have motivated me, and inspired me. My goal with this blog was to positively influence others to make positive, and healthy life changes to become stronger and more fit. Feel free to comment, or post photos to my facebook to show me your progress and share your story. 

Thank you,

Day 1:
Sun Salutations
Work It All Out: Glute Bender

Day 2:
Cardio Fat Burn -30 Minute Run

Day 3:
Rest Day

Day 4:
Work That Body

Day 5:
Terrific Tummy Toner

Day 6:
Rest Day

Day 7:
Butt Kicker Workout

Day 8:
Standing Yoga Flow for Butt, Thighs, Legs, and Back

Day 9:
Fast Fat Blast

Day 10: 
Rest Day

Day 11:
I Want 6 Pack Abs!

Day 12:
Tight Body Fat Burn

Day 13:
Dynamic Body Workout

Day 14: 
Rest Day

20 thoughts on “Month 1 Workouts

  1. Hi Melissa,

    i have been following your blog for quite some time and its been quite helpful and inspiring. Can you please advice on what to eat before starting these workouts because at the end i am very exhausted and hungry.

    • It depends on your stomach, but one of my favorite pre-workout snacks is a banana but in half with some natural peanut butter. Or a slice of whole wheat bread (or toast) with peanut butter. 🙂

  2. Ivonne Igor

    Thanks so much Melissa for making this good blog, I have discovered you today and I followed the first workout for me which was one devoted to abs (Tummy Tuck) and I am totally exhausted and feeling great! now I am studying your Full body Fitness Workout to do it tomorrow.

    • It depends on your body. Your muscles actually don’t build strength during the workout. They build during rest so it is definitely important. However, if you are doing a more restorative yoga flow focused on stretching that can be very beneficial as well.

      Listen to your body, and if you notice that you feel weaker, or very sore take a step back and rest. 🙂

  3. I repeated day 1 to finish up this month because i have one week left. I was also able to tell the difference of how much more reps i can do the second time around. It felt great! I’m getting stronger for sure. Thanks Melissa?!

  4. Melissa-
    I stumbled upon your website from pinterest.. And I am so glad I did. I’m very new to working out. I’m not big, but Ive gained 20 lbs. I used to be tiny and weighed around 98lbs all through high school. Now that ive gained weight i want to tone. I seen on your website that you have monthly workouts. What do you suggest to start first?

    Thank you so much!

  5. Hi! I found your site through Pinterest and I love it! I have some questions for you. 1. I’m horrible at push ups, how can I get better? I can do knee push-ups fine but can only do 5 (maybe) regular ones. 2. My lower back is usually sore after a work out. Why is that and what can I do to help? (And if it matters, I have a normal BMI).


  6. Anonymous

    Just wanted to thank you for the great workouts. I have already seen results after only a few short weeks. I love how you mix things up and all the inspiration on your website. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Melissa. I stumbled upon your page a couple weeks ago and since then have been incorporating your workouts into my daily routine often. I have a question though. I noticed that on one of your workout days you ran as well. Would you recommend running on more than just this day in addition to your workout if you can tolerate it? Love love love all of your workouts and so glad to see that you are still putting out new ones!

  8. I’ve been following your blog for a couple weeks and have been loving the workouts! I have a question though – I used to be an avid running and went out at least 3 times a week. I’ve screwed up my hip over the last year, and running has just become too painful. I was wondering if you feel there is enough cardio incorporated with your workouts that I can get away with not running or having specific cardio days? I’m feeling great, but I don’t want to be missing out on an important aspect. I live across the street from a rec center, so I could do cardio days there on a bike or stair stepper. Thanks for all your posts! I love them!

  9. Anonymous


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