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Month 1 Workouts

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Hi Everyone!

In honor of my 1 Year Blogging anniversary I am doing a month by month breakdown of my workouts for the past year. I started this blog on October 17th of 2011, so technically this is two weeks of workouts. These two weeks of workouts can be repeated for a full month of workouts. 

This is where I started. I had been running and creating my own workouts for some time before this, and I decided to share my journey. Thank you for joining me. I have received a lot of support and positive feedback over the past year. 🙂 All of the success stories that I have read have motivated me, and inspired me. My goal with this blog was to positively influence others to make positive, and healthy life changes to become stronger and more fit. Feel free to comment, or post photos to my facebook to show me your progress and share your story. 

Thank you,

Day 1:
Sun Salutations
Work It All Out: Glute Bender

Day 2:
Cardio Fat Burn -30 Minute Run

Day 3:
Rest Day

Day 4:
Work That Body

Day 5:
Terrific Tummy Toner

Day 6:
Rest Day

Day 7:
Butt Kicker Workout

Day 8:
Standing Yoga Flow for Butt, Thighs, Legs, and Back

Day 9:
Fast Fat Blast

Day 10: 
Rest Day

Day 11:
I Want 6 Pack Abs!

Day 12:
Tight Body Fat Burn

Day 13:
Dynamic Body Workout

Day 14: 
Rest Day

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