Interval Exercise Challenge

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Hi Everyone,

Tonight my workout was an Interval Exercise challenge. I love intervals because they maximize fat burning, and allow you to keep your heart rate up throughout the workout. I structured my workout tonight differently, because I wanted to really challenge myself to work through fatigue and increase my muscle endurance. 

I did each exercise three times, completing the maximum number of reps that I could during each minute interval. The breaks between intervals should be short. I like to include stretches between exercises. Research has shown that stretching between exercises can increase the amount of muscle you build during your workouts. 

The entire workout took me 21 minutes. Many studies have shown 20 minutes to be the optimal length for interval workouts to increase the amount of fat you burn for the rest of the day. 

In addition to this workout I also ran four miles with the girls from the cross country team. 

Enjoy the workout, and have a great evening! I will see you tomorrow. 🙂

All Levels: Maximum number of reps during each 60 second interval. Repeat each exercise 3 times. I did each repetition consecutively (for example, Round 1 Burpee, Round 2 Burpee, Round 3 Burpee) before moving onto the next exercise. However, you can also go through the entire workout, and repeat it 3X. To maximize your results move quickly, and minimize rest breaks. 

My reps are in parenthesis next to each exercise.

1. Burpee (14, 13, 12)
2. Squat Lift (I used 75 pounds) (14, 14, 14)
3. Military Situp (18, 20, 20)
4. Butt Lift (50, 51, 55)
5. Heel Tap Leg Lift (27, 29, 28)
6. Seated Twist (36, 35, 36)
7. Temple Tap Abs (94, 91, 108)

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