Running: My Workout for Today and Weekly Mileage: Melissa Bender

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Hi Everyone,

This video is actually from yesterday. I had some issues with the domain name transition for my blog last night so I didn’t get to post it until today. That means that the glute workout I mentioned in the video will be up today! I just finished filming it, and it had me dripping sweat. It was actually tougher than I anticipated. 

Yesterday I ended up running 6.5 Miles in 56 minutes. It was a comfortable pace for me. If you didn’t read Running Made Me Cry about how I built up and became a runner check it out. 

I have been building up my running mileage to increase my endurance, and incorporating some short hill sprints into my runs. 

Last week (7/29 through 8/4) I ran a total of 30.9 miles.

Sunday: 7 Miles (62:06 minutes)
Monday: 6 Miles (58 minutes)
Tuesday: Fat Burn Body Sculpt Workout that incorporated 3 Miles on the Treadmill
Wednesday: 3.5 Mile Easy 
Thursday: 3.1 Miles Treadmill (22:55 minutes)
Friday: 4.75 Miles (44:42 minutes)
Saturday: 3.56 Miles  (29 Minutes)

Note: Saturday should have been my off day, but I got bored and was feeling great so I went for a run. Typically it is good to take 1-2 rest days per week, but the most important thing is listening to your body. I have already taken one day off of running this week. 

Also, as you build it is best to increase your weekly mileage by 10% maximum. So if you are running 15 miles per week you can add 1.5 miles the next week. You have a bit more leeway when you first start running, and can build a bit more quickly, but this is a good rule to follow. 

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