5K Update

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Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick post-race update from last night. My goal was to improve the time I got on my last 5K, and I was able to improve by 39 seconds! 

It was very different running a race at night. Part of the pathway was lit by tiki torches, which looked great, but when you are breathing heavily you definitely notice the smoke. There were about 400 people at the race. I finished 5th in my age group (20-29). 

Of course Jesse took home another trophy. Jesse’s highschool and college running coaches both ran in the race. So I started the race with his college coach, and finished it with his high school coach. 

Jesse always finishes the race and then waits for me, and cheers me on and motivates me to give it the final push to the end of the race. When we do our normal runs I sometimes throw in a surprise sprint to the house. I have never managed to beat him yet, although it was closer than ever last Monday night. As he ran up, he told me “push like you’re racing me to the car!” and his coach said “Come on Melissa!” So I gave it a nice hard sprint to the finish line. They were both great motivators. 🙂

My final time was 23 minutes and 16 seconds. I wonder how much time I can shave off of my next race! 


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