Fountain of Youth: The 5 Tibetans

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Hi Everyone, 

This is a very brief video of the routine I did in my yoga class yesterday. This series of movements is known as the Five Tibetan Rites. It is also called the Fountain of Youth because it is supposed to help stop and reverse the aging process. Some believe that this series of movements actually predates yoga. The benefits of this workout extend beyond the physical, to include decreased stress and increased clarity of mind. In addition it helps strengthen and detox the entire body, and increases flexibility of the spine. 

Traditionally each movement is done up to 21 times (but not more than that, to increase the intensity you can speed up, but don’t add extra repetitions). In this video I did 7 of each movement, so I would repeat the entire routine 3 times. Many people start with just 3 of each movement, and add two more each time they go through. 

It is recommended that you do at least 3 of each movement 6-7X per week for maximum benefits. You can listen to your favorite music, and go through the movements. I always feel incredibly energized after completing the Five Tibetans. 

Enjoy! I am also uploading a Full Body Workout that is great for all levels, but focuses on form for beginners. 


Listen to your body. Perform 3-21 of each exercise depending on your level of fitness. Yesterday I was doing 21 of each. In today’s video I did 7 of each, and completed 3 rounds total. Feel free to take breathes in between each exercise. 

1. Spin Clockwise: left to right.

2. Leg Lift: You can bring your legs straight up to the ceiling, or further back toward your head as I do in the video, but keep them straight. 

3. Camel: Bend forward at your waist, and then backwards. Keep your hands at your side through the entire movement. 

4. Table Top: Start in a seated position with both legs straight out in front of you, and hands planted on the floor at your side. Lift your hips until you are on your hands and feet, and the top of your body forms a flat “table” surface. 

5. Up Dog/Down Dog: Start in Down Dog Position, bend your arms, and come into Up Dog position. Be sure to come onto the top of your toes in Up Dog. 

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