Benefits of Hula Hooping: Hula Hoop Calorie Burn for Fitness

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Hi Everyone!

I bet you can tell by the picture what I did for my workout today! I have mentioned in recent posts how much I have been enjoying hula hooping. I decided to do a fun video for you guys, showing some of the moves that I do while I hula hoop. Generally when I am hooping I put on some music and go crazy with the hip shaking. I kept it a bit tamer for the video. I mix in all of these moves and a few more, while I am going. You can even do arm exercises, and jump with your hoop like you would with a jump rope. 

I decided to do some research, and it turns out that hooping has quite a few health benefits. It helps strengthen your abs, back. legs, and glutes (butt!) In addition, it has some great calorie burning benefits. Hula Hooping can burn as many calories as Boot Camp workouts, or Step Aerobics! One study (click here to read it!) found that hooping burns about 7 calories per minute, or 210 calories for half an hour. 

I know I worked up a sweat! Hula Hooping also has the added benefit of being fun! Weighted hula hoops move more slowly and stay up easier. Lighter hoops require faster movement. Hooping even works your brain and has been shown to have some meditative benefits due to the repetitive movements. 

So what do you think? Are you going to try it? 


I did each movement for 1 minute, and then reversed the direction of the hula hoop (counter-clockwise to clockwise) and repeated. 

1. Hula Hoop
2. Goddess Pose/Squat
3. Right Lunge
4. Left Lunge
5. Right Leg Lift
6. Left Leg Lift
7. March

Reverse and Repeat as desired.

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