23 Minute Yoga Fitness Flow

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Hi Everyone, 

This was my workout for the evening. I did a slow long run with Jesse this morning (six miles). If you haven’t read about my running progression yet check it out: Running Made Me Cry…How I Became a Runner In that post I also shared my running schedule from last week. 

I also posted a new recipe for Summer Squash Whole Wheat Pasta which I have been completely obsessed with lately! It’s so delicious, and full of veggies. 

Tonight’s video is a quick yoga flow that will stretch and work your whole body. I paid a bit of extra attention to hip flexor stretches in this video. Tight hip flexors can cause a whole host of problems, including improper alignment of your back, which leads to that lower tummy pouch so many women are fighting against. 

Problems related to tight hip flexors aren’t just cosmetic. It can cause low back pain and hip injuries. 

Enjoy the video and the yoga flow. I will see you tomorrow with a new video. 

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