Carla is on a Bender! Before and After.

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Hi Everyone,

Meet Carla! She has been following my workouts for quite some time now, and she was nice enough to send me some pictures of her results! She has also shared a delicious recipe: Organic Blueberry Frozen Yogurt
Carla has been getting some phenomenal results! The best part is that her results aren’t just physical. She looks great, but she has also embraced the fit lifestyle. 

  • Carla: “…at first, working out was my strive to look good and healthy again but now it’s taken a whole different level. It’s almost like a spiritual growth because when I fall or can’t do an exercise, I just push myself to do it again and again until I get it. I really needed to teach myself that kind of attitude, and it’s the one thing that no one can teach you or do for you. It has to come from within. Now if i don’t workout one day, I feel incomplete. Sort of like that movie Jerry Mcguire, I say: burpees! you complete me! … and the burpees reply: Carla you had me at 20 reps ! hahahahahaha! … but seriously, exercise is a continuous effort. It should never be stopped.”

    ” The hardest thing is to keep the discipline every day, especially because i have 2 very physical jobs besides my singing career. I have my own dog walking business which makes me walk up to 9 hours straight out there and i’m a superintendent in a building here in Toronto. But I always, always, always make time for my workouts. No matter what or how tired i am, i always do them and even when i’m really exhausted i will find myself one that isn’t too too challenging but I still do them.”

    Carla is a singer. You can hear her music at: Lords of Hera Be sure to check her out!

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