Brick House: Melissa Bender Fitness Workout

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Hi Everyone,

Here is the workout I did today. J I did 15 minutes of jump roping to start out the workout.

Lately I have noticed how much stronger and more energized I feel now than when I first started this blog. For me exercise is much more effective than a cup of coffee. If I am feeling down, and I work out, I always feel a lot better afterwards. This is part of the reason that I think creating a consistent workout routine is so important. Your body starts to really learn how good exercise makes you feel, and you begin to crave it. It’s much healthier than most of the things that probably give you cravings!

The second thing I wanted to say today is please don’t think you can’t do these workouts. I have gotten a lot of messages from people who want to try them, but think they are too hard. Even if you can do 1-2 reps of each exercise it’s a great starting point! The number of reps that I list are just a guideline. You can do pushups from your knees until you build up to a full pushup. If you have questions about a specific exercise leave a comment! Life is too short to sit around and wait until. Listen to your body, especially when you are starting out and learning your limits, but don’t be afraid to try!

Enjoy the workout,

Brick House Workout
Cardio: 15 minutes of jump rope, running, high knees, or jumping jacks
Beginner: 10 reps of each exercise
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps
NOTE: For the Leg Series Beginners will do 5 of each movement, Intermediate: 7, Advanced: 10.
On the ball leg series beginners: 20 of each exercise, intermediate: 35, advanced: 50.
  1. Sumo Pushup
  2. Leg Series (right): Leg lift, butt drop, combo, thigh squeeze
  3. Leg Series (left)
  4. Scissor Situp
  5. Tricep Leg Lift 
  6. Warrior 3 Switch
  7. Up/Down Dog (Dive Bombers)
  8. Hip Lift Twist
  9. Tricep Pushup (right)
  10. Tricep Pushup (left)
  11. Leg Series on the Ball or Mat (swim kicks, heel taps, double leg lift)

4 thoughts on “Brick House: Melissa Bender Fitness Workout

  1. Thanks, Melissa! I enjoyed this workout so much… 🙂 I especially like the Leg Series on the Ball, it’s feeling very nice. My time: 15 minutes of cardio + 21:52 for an advanced version of the rep workout.

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