10 Minute Total Core Toner: Full Length

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Hi Everyone,

Today’s workout is a quickie! I call it the “10 Minute Total Core Toner.” Ideally you should do this workout with a cardio workout. That way you are burning off any fat that is covering up your six pack. Below I am posting a link to the cardio portion of the Bombshell workout. It is also only 10 minutes long, but guaranteed to get your metabolism going!

You could also choose to do jump roping, running, or high knees.

The intervals for this workout are shorter, but you will definitely get a workout. I was nice and sweaty by the time I was done with this one. Yesterday’s workout (Jiggle Proof Thighs and Butt) actually made my butt a bit sore today, so it was a relief to focus on my abs. J

I will have a full body fat burning workout for you tomorrow so be sure to check back! We will have Cydney back with us. I love working out with her because I find her progress inspiring! Also, she makes me laugh during every workout. Laughing during these exercises definitely makes it harder!

See you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this workout and have a great night!


Total Core Toner: 10 Minute Ab Workout (full length)

All Levels: Max reps during each 20 second interval, with 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise.
  1. Plank Knee (right)
  2. Plank Knee (left)
  3. Leg Scissors
  4. Bicycle
  5. Leg Lift
  6. Hip Lift
  7. Push Through
  8. Hip Twist
  9. Pushups
  10. Mountain Climbers


Don’t forget the cardio burst! The link is below!
Bombshell Body Fat Burn

2 thoughts on “10 Minute Total Core Toner: Full Length

  1. Anonymous

    I am so interested in your workouts, they seem rather effective, can you please help me in getting my tummy flat like yours . pleaseeeeeeeeee

  2. It’s definitely harder than it looks 🙂 I was feeling my abs all the time throughout this 10 minutes.
    My reps for the cardio portion of the Bombshell Body Workout:
    1. 150-142
    2. 104-100
    3. 48-46
    4. 82-78
    5. 27-25.
    My reps for the 10 Minute Total Core Toner:
    1. 7-5
    2. 7-5
    3. 22-22
    4. 26-20
    5. 8-7
    6. 11-11
    7. 18-16
    8. 26-26
    9. 8-9
    10. 42-46.
    Many thanks, Melissa!

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