Cardio Challenge Day

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Hi Everyone,
Today I have an exercise challenge for you. The goal is to spend 30 minutes doing some type of cardiovascular exercise.
Why do cardio? According to these are some good reasons:
1.       Improve your Heart Health
2.       Increase your Metabolism
3.       Regulate your Hormones
4.       Improve your Recovery Time from other workouts
5.       Help Manage your Blood Sugar/Manage Diabetes
Those sound like good reasons to me! For me cardio (and working out in general) is a natural form of stress relief. It also gives me energy throughout the day. Fat loss and calorie burn weren’t on the list, but they are some additional benefits of cardio.
Today I chose to do a light run outside and enjoy the weather. I ran 3.7 miles (with plenty of hills!) in 32 minutes. It was a nice relaxed pace for me. You can run, jump rope, or do one of my workouts (as long as you move quickly from one exercise to the next you are getting cardio during them!)
I was also happy to see that the workouts I have been sharing here have been keeping me in good shape cardiovascularly. Jesse will be sharing some running tips sometime soon.
Have a great day!
PS This picture isn’t from my run today. It’s from me finishing a race while I was on vacation over the summer. I won fourth place. J Jesse won the whole race (he’s a phenomenal runner). We will be filming a yoga stretch series for runners soon. It will be good for anyone, but it’s focused on increasing flexibility and preventing injuries to the knees, IT band, hip flexors, back, and legs.

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