Sabotage Fat Melissa Bender Fitness Workout

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Hi Everyone,
Today’s workout is called the Sabotage Fat Workout. It is going to give you some serious fat and calorie burning that will last throughout the day!
I was talking to someone today who feels like people around them are judgmental and want to sabotage their fitness plans. Unfortunately, this can be a common thing. Some people feel that because you are living a healthy lifestyle you are judging them if they aren’t making the same choices you are. I really hope that’s not true. If you find yourself doing that please stop because it’s not going to do you or anyone else any good.
On the other hand, if you are experiencing this hold strong. If people get upset because you order grilled chicken and veggies instead of a burger and fries it isn’t your problem. They may say “don’t do this, I love you just the way you are.” The second part of that statement is great! They should love you just the way you are. However, you also need to love yourself, and being healthy is a way to give to yourself and those around you. Being healthy means you have more energy for the ones you love. Don’t feel guilt-ed into making bad decisions.
Also, keep up the water challenge! I have had at LEAST 8 glasses of water every day! I love to hear how you’re doing, and what you’re experiencing. J
Enjoy today’s workout.

Sabotage Fat Workout
Beginner: 15 reps
Intermediate: 20 reps
Advanced: 25-30 reps
1.       Sit-up Side Plank (alternating sides)
2.       Mountain Climber
3.       Square Squats
4.       High Knees
5.       Sumo Pushup
6.       Jump Squats
7.       Leg series (right)
8.       Leg Squeeze (right): 10 squeezes
9.       Mountain Climbers
10.   Leg Series (left)
11.   Leg Squeeze (left): 10 squeezes
12.   High Knees
13.   Side to Side Squat
14.   Jump Squats

2 thoughts on “Sabotage Fat Melissa Bender Fitness Workout

  1. Melissa, you are so right, I agree with each of your words… 🙂 Thanks for another great dynamic workout! My time: 22:46 (30 reps of each exercise). Sit-up Side Plank is so enjoyable… 🙂

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