Cardio Fat Burn

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Hi Everyone! Today is a cardio day. For me that meant a 30 minute easy run. Watch the video for some alternative options for getting your cardio in. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite cardio workout! Note, in the video my jump rope is too long. You shouldne’t need to flail your arms quite so much while you jump rope.

Below is the link for Sun Salutations. You can use them as a warm-up or to get your full body workout for the day.

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7 thoughts on “Cardio Fat Burn

  1. I’m following your month of workouts. I typically do 12 minute HIIT workouts followed by 3 mile runs, some small weight lifting routines but I’ve been seeing no real results, and although they get me winded and sweating, I am never sore afterwards. I did your first workout doing 25 reps.. and I’m finally sore 🙂 I did cardio and a small ab workout for my Day 2, and am itching to get to Day 4. So I wanted to Thank you for taking the time to post these. I don’t think you know the impact it has on some of us.

  2. In my city today is coldly and rainy, so I did a 30 minute cardio workout at home – jumping in different ways. It was quite difficult, but a bit boring. Running outdoors, of course, is more fun. I’m waiting for warm weather 🙂 Melissa, thank you for inspiration, now I really want to run outdoors!

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