Booty Sculpt and Lower Body Workout: 15-Min Standing Workout w/ Dumbbells

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to today’s workout! You can do this workout with bodyweight, but I recommend grabbing dumbbells to add some resistance and amp up the intensity of this exercise routine.

One 15-minute round of this workout had me breathing heavy and dripping sweat. Even without jumping my heart rate was elevated and I was working hard. There is one hopping exercise in this routine (the first one), but in the video I demonstrate a low impact exercise variation.

The whole routine is done in standing, so you don’t have to get up and down off the mat during this routine. You can repeat this workout up to 3X. I only had time to go through it once, but I also got in plenty of walking and general activity.

P!nk is Strong and Fit!

Melissa and Jesse at the P!nk concert in Pittsburgh.
Jesse and I at the P!nk concert in Pittsburgh.

Last night, Jesse and I went to the P!nk Concert. First of all, the show was amazing. Everything from the opening acts to the lighting and performances was on point. I want to take a moment to talk about how strong and fit P!nk is! She flew around the entire stadium, and she sang while doing it! That was an act of artistry, strength and endurance. I loved seeing a strong woman and mother on stage, owning her performance and strength.

I’ve always wanted to learn aerial skills, but after seeing that performance I am even more inspired. A few years ago I got my niece an aerial class as a birthday present. I always wanted to give it a try, but the timing never seemed to workout. I have been trying to be more intentional with my time, so I need to make this happen.


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I hope that you have fun with today’s workout! Let me know which exercise you liked most, and which you found most challenging. This workout kicked my butt (and thighs) just like it was supposed to. I was a little bit surprised at how challenging I found it! I hope that it’s a great challenge for you too, and that you are able to enjoy yourself.

Take a moment today to appreciate what your body is capable of. The ability to move is such a gift.

Have fun and I will see you soon with a new workout,


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The Workout:

  1. Lunge Hop: Right
  2. Lunge Hop: Left
  3. Squat Rotation: Right
  4. Squat Rotation: Left
  5. Warrior III Row: Right
  6. Warrior III Row: Left
  7. Side to Side Squat: Right
  8. Side to Side Squat: Left
  9. Chair Tip Toe: Alternating
  10. Romanian Deadlift
  11. Plié Squat
  12. Knee to Knee Squat to Figure 4: Right
  13. Knee to Knee Squat to Figure 4: Left
  14. Lunge Kickback: Right
  15. Lunge Kickback: Left

Repeat up to 3X.

2 thoughts on “Booty Sculpt and Lower Body Workout: 15-Min Standing Workout w/ Dumbbells

  1. Cathrin

    I had this one on my BF Bucketlist and just finished it: Did not know I could break such a sweat by low impact exercises! The addition of the weights REALLY challenged my balance, oh me oh my!
    Great exercises, they were all fun to do! Loved it! 🙂 My back is strangly feeling it just as bad as my thighs

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