Two Total Body Fat Burning Home Workouts: Core, Thighs, Glutes & Cardio

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! I have a two part combo that I filmed. You can do one part, or combine both parts for a longer workout. I love these versatile workouts that you can make fit your schedule.

As a busy mom it can be hard to fit in a workout, but having the option of shorter routines means that I can consistently get in my workout. For me setting realistic goals helps keep me on track. With my schedule, aiming for 10-15 minutes of exercise per day is realistic. Trying to get in 60-minutes of exercise per day would not work, and would set me up for failure.

If my goal is 10-15 minutes, and I have time for 30-60 minutes on a certain day I have the option to do more. But the short time period means that workout window is more accessible, or I can do a couple of short workouts at different times of the day.

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I hope you enjoy today’s workouts! I am filming a new workout tonight & working to finish filming a new workout challenge for my Subscription site, which will be launching soon.


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The Workouts:

Timer: 12 Rounds 35 Seconds Cardio, 50 Seconds Max Reps.

1. Side Step Squat
2. Kick and Tap – Right
3. kick and Tap – Left
4. Plank Rotation
5. Prone Heel Press
6. Down Dog Hop – Right
7. Down Dog Hop – Left
8. Temple Tap Abs
9. Knee Drop Spider
10. Side Plank Hip Lift- Right
11. Side Plank Hip Lift – Left
12. Leg/ Hip Lift

Repeat up to 3X. *I did both workouts one time through.*

16 Rounds: 30 seconds Cardio, 50 seconds Max Reps
*Always consult your doctor before starting any workout program.*

1. Warrior Pistol Squat- Right
2. Warrior Pistol Squat- Left
3. Hydrant- Right
4. Hydrant- Left
5. Lunge Jump/Alternating Lunge
6. Leg Series-Right
7. Leg Series- Left
8. Walking Push-up or Plank
9. Donkey Kick
10. Reverse Plank Step-out
11. Table Press
12. Burpee or Low Impact Burpee
13. Down Dog Toe Tap- Right
14. Down Dog Toe Tap- Left
15. Superman
16. Farmer Walk

Repeat up to 3X. *I did both workouts one time through.*

One thought on “Two Total Body Fat Burning Home Workouts: Core, Thighs, Glutes & Cardio

  1. Cathrin

    Your post introduction absolutely struck me: I started my fitness journey with BenderFitness years ago when our priorities were: “Workout! Workout! Workout!”. Now, focuses shifted and wanting to get back to working out 1 hour per day or even more seems absolutely impossible. Whenever I want to, I automatically panic and end up not doing ANYTHING. Giving me permission to squeeze in small workouts every day took off all the pressure!

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