40-Minute: Total Body Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout. I have a fantastic, 40-Minute Full Body Workout on the agenda today. I used one dumbbell during this workout, but you can also do this routine with only bodyweight exercises.

We aren’t skipping any muscles in this one! We are going to work everything, including your cardiovascular endurance. I really enjoyed filming the 40-Minute Body Sculpt Workout Series. Lately, I’ve been focused on filming shorter workouts, because that’s more in line with what my crazy/hectic schedule needs right now.

If you haven’t tried my most recent 10-Minute Glutes & Thighs Workout, you should definitely give that a go!

Glutes and Thighs Workout
You can find the workout here: https://www.benderfitness.com/2023/05/10-minute-glutes-and-thighs-workout.html

The Ongoing Facebook Saga Continues

In the ongoing saga of my Facebook page being hacked last month, today Facebook decided to fully restrict my page for the next two days and 23 hours. The hackers tried to get my personal page permanently deleted by posting horrific, illegal content on my personal page. Since then, I’ve had restrictions on my page, but was still allowed to post. Today they decided to fully restrict my page for the next three days.

What I’ve learned is that I was wrong to trust Facebook to have the back of it’s creators. There seems to be no internal communication among their teams or their automated review processes. My business page is permanently restricted in many ways. Facebook acknowledges that they know I have been hacked, but that the review process is out of their hands and has been rejected by their internal team.

As a free resource, we are fully reliant on social media and advertising to remain sustainable. To protect what I’ve built over the last ten years, I am most likely going to have to develop a paid program and possibly an app with exclusive content. This will enable me to continue sharing free workouts, while protecting the work that I’ve done.

I appreciate all of you who have remained with me through the years. I’m not giving up, but this entire situation has been disheartening. Every time I think an end is in sight the hits keep coming. Good thing I train hard to endure difficult things, and I have the endurance to persevere.

Enjoy today’s workout!

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The Workout:

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Forward Lunge: Right
3. Forward Lunge: Left
4. Hydrant: Right
5. Hydrant: Left
6. Side V-Up: Right
7. Side V-Up: Left
8. Floor Tap Squat
9. Bird Dog: Right
10. Bird Dog: Left
11. Heel Slides
12. Reverse Plank
13. V-Slip Under
14. Tricep Push-up: Right
15. Tricep Push-up: Left
16. Orthodox Jab to Uppercut: Alternating
17. Cross Punch: Right
18. Cross Punch: Left
19. Kneeling Oblique Hip Tap: Right
20. Kneeling Oblique Hip Tap: Left
21. Hip Thrust: Right
22. Hip Thrust: Left
23. Goddess Elbow to Knee Tap
24. Locust Stretch
25. Crescent Pulse with Heel Lift: Right
26. Crescent Pulse with Heel Lift: Left
27. Warrior III Knee Abduction: Right
28. Warrior III Knee Abduction: Left

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