Bonus Burn: Core Workout: 12 Minute Home Ab Exercise Routine

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are ready for an amazing workout for your abs. This routine is only 12-minutes, requires no equipment and uses some of the best exercises to activate your entire core. As always you will find the workout video, workout breakdown and photo tutorial below.

This workout uses movements that will activate the center, sides and back of your abdomen. When doing a full core workout you want to be sure to utilize each of these areas and to use multiple planes of motion. When you do this you are truly getting an amazing core workout that activates all of the muscles.

Some of the benefits of a strong core include:

  1. Better Posture
  2. Improved Back Alignment
  3. Improved Pelvic Alignment
  4. Less Risk of Back Pain
  5. Less Risk of Injury
  6. Improved Balance
  7. Improved Form During Exercises
  8. Decreased Risk of Falling, Especially as you Grow Older

This is not a comprehensive list, there are other benefits, but this covers some of the basics of why it is important to have a strong core.

In my work as an Occupational Therapist, I spend a lot of time working on core strengthening with my patients. This is especially true if they are recovering from a stroke or other major illness or injury that has impacted their balance.

While we can never fully prevent accidents or injuries (some things are outside of our control), what we can do is keep ourselves as healthy as possible so that if the unexpected does happen we heal more quickly and give ourselves the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

Exercise is the best treatment for long term pain management and should be a primary line of defense and recovery. It’s an amazing tool, which is unfortunately under utilized by many. Of course, if you are dealing with a specific injury you should always consult with your doctor or therapist before trying out any new exercises.

Here is a random fact for you today: Did you know that Usain Bolt (the fastest man alive!) has scoliosis? Until he started working with his trainers to specifically train his core and back he suffered multiple injuries. Scoliosis doesn’t just impact your posture, but the way your legs strike the ground, and the position of your ribs and organs.

I have mild scoliosis and when I started training regularly my height increased. I make a conscious effort to fully and regularly train my core so that I maintain a healthy back and posture. As I (hopefully) have the honor of growing older I want to maintain my physical health as much as possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts on core workouts. Love them or hate them? Did you have a favorite move from today’s routine?


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The Workout:

This quick 12-Minute workout will work your entire core. Maximum repetitions for 50-seconds, with a 10-second break between exercises. 

1. Crunch & Tap
2. T-Twist: Right
3. T-Twist: Left
4. Sit Thru Hold: Right
5. Sit Thru Hold: Left
6. Reverse Crunch
7. Cross Over Can-Can: Right
8. Cross Over Can-Can: Left
9. Down Dog Elevator: RIght
10. Down Dog Elevator: Left
11. Side Heel/Toe Tap: Right
12. Side Heel/Toe Tap: Left

Repeat 1-3X

One thought on “Bonus Burn: Core Workout: 12 Minute Home Ab Exercise Routine

  1. Birgit

    Thank you Melissa!! Your workouts totally rock! I am doing the shorter ones during my lunch breaks, which is brilliant for making it through a day in front of a computer screen. I don’t often find the time to work out in the evenings, so these lunchtime bursts of energy are fantastic. I loved this particular workout, boy, what a burn!

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