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Welcome to Workout Week #5!

I hope that you are ready for another great workout week. We have three Body Sculpt Workouts, three runs, and one Bonus Burn Workout on the agenda this week. Scroll down for the workout schedule and videos.

I was late posting Body Sculpt #22 on last week’s schedule (my baby is teething already!), so if you are looking for that workout you can find it here (Day 6):

I can’t believe that we are already on Week 5, of our 6 Week Challenge!

My sweet, teething baby.

Running Intensity Scale: 

Remember, we are basing our runs on effort/intensity level. Use the scale below to maximize your runs.

Easy: Effort Level 1-3 out of 10. You should be able to carry on a conversation at this pace. 

Moderate: Effort Level 4-7 out of 10. You can still talk at this intensity level, but you are limited to short responses if someone was talking to you during your workout. 

Hard: Effort Level 8-10 out of 10. If someone talks to you, you would be able to respond with one word answers. This is high intensity, and not a conversational pace.

You also have the option of adding additional running to this schedule. This is optional in order to make the Mile Speed Challenge accessible for runners of all levels, and to prevent over-training. It’s important to listen to your body during the challenge and adjust as needed. 

Optional Runs: 

You can choose to complete two additional “easy” run days of 30-Minutes or less. OR You can choose to run 1-mile at an “easy” pace 2-3 Days this week. 

If you are adding one mile, I recommend adding them on your Body Sculpt Workout Days. Depending on your current running and fitness level, you can choose to substitute a 30-Minute Run Day for a Total Body Sculpt Workout, or complete it in addition to your workout.

Note: I will be updating this page with each workout as we add them throughout the week. If you ever need to substitute a Body Sculpt Workout (for example, you need to modify the workout schedule and the next workout isn’t posted yet), you can find my other 40-Minute Workouts here:

Day 1: Hill Sprints

Easy Pace Warm-Up: 5-10 Minutes. 
30-Second Hill Sprints X8-10. Rest until breathing returns closer to normal in between sprints. For advanced runners: jog or walk back to starting point and repeat. 
Cool Down Easy Run or Walk 5-10 Minutes.

Day 2: Body Sculpt #23

Level 1 Burpee
Side Lunge: Right
Side Lunge: Left
Squat Jump
Lunge Jump
Oblique Step Push-up
Reverse Plank Step Out
Temple Tap Abs
Side Plank Reach: Right
Side Plank Reach: Left
Mountain Climbers
Russian Kicks
Down Dog Heel Pulse: Right
Down Dog Heel Pulse: Left
Hydrant: Right
Hydrant: Left
Plank Jack
Low Jack
Runner’s Lunge to Warrior III: Right
Runner’s Lunge to Warrior III: Left
Supergirl Heel Tap
Bird Dog
Pop Ups
Speed Skater
Warrior II Twist: Right
Warrior II Twist: Left
Stretch and Cool Down

Day 3: Bonus Burn + 1-3 Mile Easy Pace Run

This quick 12-Minute workout will work your entire core. Maximum repetitions for 50-seconds, with a 10-second break between exercises. 
1. Crunch & Tap
2. T-Twist: Right
3. T-Twist: Left
4. Sit Thru Hold: Right
5. Sit Thru Hold: Left
6. Reverse Crunch
7. Cross Over Can-Can: Right
8. Cross Over Can-Can: Left
9. Down Dog Elevator: RIght
10. Down Dog Elevator: Left
11. Side Heel/Toe Tap: Right
12. Side Heel/Toe Tap: Left

Day 4: Body Sculpt #24

1. Squat
2. 2nd Position Plié to Toes
3. Curtsy Lunge: Right
4. Curtsy Lunge: Left
5. Rotating Squat Step
6. Plié Side Lift: Right
7. Plié Side Lift: Left
8. Reverse Pulse: Right
9. Reverse Pulse: Left
10. 5th Position Plié Forward Lift: Right
11. 5th Position Plié Forward Lift: Left
12. Figure Four Rotation: Right
13. Figure Four Rotation: Left
14. Warrior III Squat: Right
15. Warrior III Squat: Left
16. Cactus Stretch
17. Incline Pushups
18. Dips
19. Forward/Back Plié Side Pulse: Right
20. Forward/Back Plié Side Pulse: Left
21. Trunk Rotation: Right
22, Trunk Rotation: Left
23. Standing Toe Touch Twist: Right
24. Standing Toe Touch Twist: Left
25. Standing Cat/Cow Arch
26. Pendulum Tap: Right
27. Pendulum Tap: Left
28. Alternating Leg Sweep

Day 5: Tempo Run

Today’s Run is broken down by time and effort. 
5-Minutes: Easy
3-5 Minutes: Moderate (Effort Level 4-7/10)
5- Minutes: Easy
3-5 Minutes: Moderate
5-Minutes Easy.

Day 6: Body Sculpt #25

In/Out Squat
Pendulum: Right
Pendulum: Left
Double Curtsy: Right
Double Curtsy: Left
Modified Pistol Squat: Right
Modified Pistol Squat: Left
Half Moon Pulse: Right
Half Moon Pulse: Left
Warrior III: Right
Warrior III: Left
Hydrant Extension and Tap: Right
Hydrant Extension and Tap: Left
Leg Series: Right
Leg Series: Left
Finish with Yoga with Sean Vigue

Day 7: Rest


  1. Alli

    Nothing worse than hearing “cardio!” after doing burpees. lol! But hey, it gets the job done! Especially when my cardio is jump rope or mountain climbers.

    I’m shedding the pounds I wanted to shed with this 6-week program. Dunno whacha gonna give us after this 6-week stint is complete but I may very well repeat this 6-weeks. It’s been VERY effective!!

  2. Lindsay

    Thanks for #24 a change of pace is welcome and in a life full of boys it was nice get in touch with inner ballerina!

  3. Becky

    Body Sculpt #24 was what I needed this last week. My lower back has been giving me trouble so I was able to complete a workout w/o tearing myself up. P.S. It’s good to be able to read “low intensity” in the title of the workout for when my body isn’t cooperating…I can search for what I need on your site.

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