Total Body Sculpt #9: Standing Home Workout for Legs, Core, Arms and Butt

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Body Sculpt Workout #9!

Today we have a super effective standing workout for your entire body. This exercise routine will work your arms, shoulders, core, glutes and legs. We are using several compound exercises to really maximize the results from this workout.

Grab some dumbbells for this routine. If you don’t have dumbbells you have two choices:

  1. Grab something from around the house to add some resistance: Water jugs, pots/pans, a book bag, etc.
  2. Complete the exercises with body weight.

Push yourself during the workout. Remember, you are training yourself mentally and physically. When we exercise we teach our bodies how to improve our fitness levels, endurance and strength. We also teach our mind how to withstand difficult things without quitting.

One of the most important things to learn about having a workout routine is how to stay motivated to keep showing up and working out. The truth is, no one is always motivated to workout. People who are successful at making exercise a longterm lifestyle change don’t only workout when they are motivated. They workout even when they don’t feel like it.

Prior to filming this workout, I was exhausted and not feeling great. I made the dubious decision to have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch even though I’m lactose intolerant. As a result, my belly felt like someone blew up a balloon inside of it, and I felt sluggish and uncomfortable. I knew that exercise would help me feel better, even though I wasn’t feeling motivated, so I did it anyway. Afterward, I felt so much better.

Workout Burn

Have fun, push yourself, challenge yourself to get in as many reps as you can or to use a heavier dumbbell for some exercises. Then give yourself an extra pat on the back, and a virtual high five from me for completing the workout. You’ve got this.


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  1. Low Impact Jumping Jacks
  2. Calf Raise Curl
  3. Squat Pulse
  4. Single Leg Chair Extension: Right
  5. Single Leg Chair Extension: Left
  6. Standing Cross Crunch: Right
  7. Standing Cross Crunch: Left
  8. Standing Side Heel Press: Right
  9. Standing Side Heel Press: Left
  10. Swaying Goddess
  11. Twist and Reach: Right
  12. Twist and Reach: Left
  13. Warrior Deadlift: Right
  14. Warrior Deadlift: Left
  15. Skier
  16. Flat Back to Triangle: Right
  17. Flat Back to Triangle: Left
  18. Sumo Twist: Right
  19. Sumo Twist: Left
  20. Squat and Press
  21. Lunge to Row: Right
  22. Lunge to Row: Left
  23. Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Right
  24. Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Left
  25. Single Leg Squat: Right
  26. Single Leg Squat: Left
  27. Side to Side Squat and Fly
  28. Chair Pose Press
Low Impact Jumping Jacks
Calf Raise Curl
Squat Pulse
Single Leg Chair Extension
Single Leg Chair Extension: Part 2
Standing Cross Crunch: Part 1
Standing Cross Crunch: Part 2
Standing Side Heel Press: Part 1
Standing Side Heel Press: Part 2
Swaying Goddess: Part 1
Swaying Goddess: Part 2
Twist and Reach
Warrior Deadlift
Flat Back to Triangle: Part 1
Flat Back to Triangle: Part 2
Sumo Twist: Part 1
Sumo Twist: Part 2
Squat Press: Part 1
Squat Press: Part 2
Lunge to Row: Part 1
Lunge to Row: Part 2
Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Part 1
Bent Knee Press with Chest Press: Part 2
Single Leg Squat
Side to Side Squat and Fly: Part 1
Side to Side Squat and Fly: Part 2
Chair Pose Press: Part 1
Chair Pose Press: Part 2

4 thoughts on “Total Body Sculpt #9: Standing Home Workout for Legs, Core, Arms and Butt

  1. R

    Awesome workout…again!! Thank you. Feeling stronger and stronger with every workout, especially those with the weights! Thanks again!

  2. Maggie

    Thanks for the motivation for this workout! I was not in the mood today, but feel so much better now that I’m through it. Super sweaty today too!

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