Pregnancy Safe Core Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a Quick, but effective Pregnancy Safe Core Workout. I selected exercises that will work the core from every angle. They are low impact movements, but they are excellent for engaging your core muscles. Scroll down for the full length workout video. One round will take 10-minutes, and you can repeat it up to 3X.

At the time of filming this workout, I am 17-weeks pregnant. This is a routine that I will continue throughout my pregnancy. As always, you should check with your doctor before starting this (or any) workout program. This is especially true during pregnancy, because every individual has different needs. Your doctor knows you, and your pregnancy best.

Focus on form, and keeping a strong/pulled in core during each exercise. You should also be able to breath during each exercise.

For the Side and Reverse Plank exercises, if you are unable to hold the position for the entire time, you can build up in increments. Research shows that holding a plank in increments of 10-seconds is wonderful for building strength.

There are several exercises that are completed in a supported, reclined position. This decreases pressure through the core and allows you to focus on muscle engagement during each movement.

Support yourself on your forearms. Keep the core engaged throughout the movements.

This workout is still appropriate for anyone looking to build a stronger core, even if you aren’t pregnant. This is also a great routine if you are postpartum and looking to re-build core strength.

These exercises are also Diastasis Recti safe, and can help with re-building core strength after abdominal separation. If you are not familiar with the term Diastasis Recti, it refers to central abdominal separation, and frequently occurs during and after pregnancy.

When this occurs the right and left sides of the abdominal muscles have separated. This can cause a “pooching” of the belly, resulting in back pain, pelvic instability and even issues of incontinence.

I hope that you find these exercises useful.

Thanks for working out with me! See you soon. 

Have fun!


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You can repeat this workout routine up to 3X.

  1. Side Plank-Right
  2. Side Plank-Left
  3. Reverse Plank
  4. Heel Drops
  5. Heel Slides
  6. Bird Dog
  7. Side Knee Lift-Right
  8. Side Knee Lift-Left
  9. Transverse Ab Squeeze
  10. Heel Circles

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