Better Booty Workout for Stronger Glutes

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is focused on sculpting the booty from every angle. Did you know that strong glutes can help protect you from back pain? Your glutes and core help you maintain proper pelvic alignment, which means better posture and optimized biomechanics.

I love the functional benefits of fitness. My inner anatomy nerd comes out when I write my workouts to make sure we are activating all of the muscles in the areas we are targeting.

This is a throwback workout, so I included the link for the original blog post below. You will find the full length workout video below, as well as the original blog post and the photo tutorial in the link.

My goal for today is to film one (hopefully two!) new workouts. I will try to go live while I am filming if the logistics work out. I am planning to do more live workouts to share on my Facebook page.

Let me know what your favorite exercise is from today’s workout. Was there a move you struggled with? A move you loved? For me, I often love the hard moves, because those are the ones I can tell are helping me to get stronger. I also like the single leg exercises, because I know that it targets the muscles and helps prevent muscular imbalances.

Have fun with today’s workout! There are new workout videos coming.


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The Workout Video:


The Original Blog Post: 

Better Booty Home Workout

One thought on “Better Booty Workout for Stronger Glutes

  1. Nicole from Sydney

    That woke up the glutes and I also felt my core kick in with the targeted exercises. I definitely benefit from these sculpting workouts, I swear just as much a Hiit workout but the deep burn is there. Keep them coming!

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