15-Minute HIIT: Interval Fat Blasting Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout routine. You don’t need any equipment to get in an awesome workout. Just make sure you have some space and get ready to push and make yourself stronger, healthier and more fit.

I posted a link to an alternate workout on my Instagram & Facebook pages. You can find that 21-Minute HIIT Workout here: 21-Minute HIIT Full Body Workout. It’s a favorite of mine, because it is fantastic for building lean muscle, boosting your metabolism and burning fat.

Walking with my baby boy.

How do you keep moving throughout the day? I had some errands to run today. Whenever I have things on my to-do list that are within walking distance (with safe paths for the stroller) we walk there. When I bring Maverick to our local playground it’s just under a mile away, so we walk there and back. Simply adding more activity into your day can help with your overall health and fitness. What small changes do you make in your routine that help with your fitness/health?

New Instagram: I created a secondary Instagram account: @Melissa_Bender_Life 

I will still be posting on my @BenderFitness account. The new account will include more generalized posts. That means lots of baby photos, random occupational therapy tips, book reviews, fashion, and normal life experiences that aren’t necessarily related to fitness. I try to keep my BenderFitness account more streamlined to health and fitness.

Have fun with today’s workout! Let me know how you feel, if you need ideas for modifications, and how you are doing with the workouts. I love hearing from you!


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Equipment:  –Buy a Gymboss now. 

50 Seconds Max Reps
10 Seconds Rest

*Push as hard as you can, but listen to your body. If you need to: decrease the interval, and increase the rest as you build up to 50/10 seconds.

1. Push-up Jacks
2. Jump Squat
3. High Knees
4. Plank Tap (right)
5. Plank Tap (left)
6. High Knees
7. Hip Thrust (right)
8. Hip Thrust (left)
9. High Knees
10. Lunge Jump
11. Burpee
12. High Knees
13. Super Taps
14. Leg Circles
15. High Knees

Repeat 1-3X

(Description of exercises below)


Push-up Jacks:

Start in Plank Position with your feet together. Jump your feet out in a “jumping jack” motion. From this position do one push-up.

Modification: Complete Plank Jacks, omitting the push-up until you build enough strength. If this is to intense, hold plank position, until you build up to 60 seconds, and then try the more difficult variation.

Jump Squat:
Stand with feet slightly more than hip distance apart. Push your hips toward the wall behind you and lower into a squat position, with thighs parallel (or slightly below parallel) to the floor. From this position jump up into the air, straightening your body. Land with knees slightly bent and immediately return to the squating position.

High Knees:
Run in place, focusing on keeping the core activated/tightened. Pump arms, and raise knees to hip height.

Plank Tap:

Start in a forearm plank with hands clasped, elbows below your shoulders. Lift the right leg, and bring it in over your left heel, squeezing the thighs together. Extend the leg out to the side, and tap the floor. Repeat to the left.

Hip Thrust:

Place hands directly beneath your shoulders, fingers pointing toward your toes. Bring the left heel in toward your glutes, extend the right leg and lift your hips from the ground.
Thrust the hips into the air, while pressing through the standing heel. Extend the right leg toward the ceiling as you lift your hips. Repeat on the opposite side.

Lunge Jump:

Start in a Lunge Position. Both knees bend at 90 degree angles, front thigh should eb parallel to the floor, knee over ankle. Jump into the air and reverse the position.
Squat down, place both hands on the floor in front of you and jump out to a plank position. Do one pushup, jump feet forward toward the hands. Lift the hands and jump toward the ceiling. Return immediately to the starting position and repeat.

Super Taps:

sup heel pulse
Lie face down on your stomach. Extend your legs backward, slightly lifting so that your knees are off the floor. Cross the heels, alternating sides, and squeezing the glutes throughout the movements.
Leg Circles:
Lie face up, with arms extended next to your, or stretched overhead. Keeping your hips as still as possible, with low back on the floor circle your feet. Reverse directions of your circle every 5 reps.

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