Leg, Butt & Thigh Shaping HIIT: Home Workout

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HI Everyone!

It’s workout time again! Today’s workout will take 18-Minutes Per Round, or you can do the version with built in warm-up and cool down. I posted the video below with two different formats. You can go through the 30-minute video 1-2X, or repeat the 18-Minute video with your own warm-up and cool down. The choice is yours! Do whatever will fit into your schedule.

It has been a real struggle for me this week to get in my workouts. Maverick is crawling like a pro, had his two bottom teeth pop through, and has been on a mini-nap strike (he is taking them, but not for long!) He is also teaching me how thorough baby proofing must be. He has an uncanny ability to instantly identify anything non-baby proofed and head right for it.

I haven’t been getting in my full length workouts, so I am doing quick exercises throughout the day to stay active. The other day I did:  Down Dog to Single Leg Plank to Knee to Elbow (pictured) 20X per leg. Lunge Jumps X20. Burpees X20. Pull-ups X2. I repeated that sequence twice.

Down Dog to Single Leg Plank to Knee to Elbow (pictured) 20X per leg. Lunge Jumps X20. Burpees X20. Pull-ups X2.

Sometimes I do squats while I brush my teeth. Sometimes it’s all about fitting in what you can, when you can. Some exercise is always better than no exercise. I have a plan for filming this weekend so that there will be new workouts for the upcoming week. I hope you enjoy this one in the mean time!

This routine includes a lot of my favorite exercises for shaping and sculpting your booty from all angles. Let me know how you do!

Have fun!
Melissa, Jesse & Maverick

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30-Minute Workout with Warm-Up & Cool Down:

Warm Up: Buy a Gymboss now. Interval Timer Set for 5 Rounds of 5/55

  1. Forward Kick-Right
  2. Forward Kick-Left
  3. Frog Hop
  4. Knee Swing Kick-Right
  5. Knee Swing Kick-Left

Workout: Interval Timer Set for 18 Rounds of 10/50

  1. Squat
  2. Leg Abduction-Right
  3. Leg Abduction-Left
  4. Warrior Deadlift-Right
  5. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  6. Plie Squat
  7. Chair Squat
  8. Single Leg Squat-Alternating
  9. Side Lunge Switch
  10. Romanian Deadlift
  11. Quadruped Heel Press-Right
  12. Quadruped Heel Press-Left
  13. Quadruped Knee to Elbow-Right
  14. Quadruped Knee to Elbow-Left
  15. Quadruped Rainbow Tap-Right
  16. Quadruped Rainbow Tap-Left
  17. Leg Series-Right
  18. Leg Series-Left

Cool Down:  Interval Timer Set for 5 Rounds of 5/55

  1. Shoulder Stretch Squat
  2. Deep Squat with Elbow Press
  3. Runner’s Lunge-Right
  4. Runner’s Lunge-Left
  5. Seated Forward Fold

Repeat 1-3X

18-Minute Workout: 

12 thoughts on “Leg, Butt & Thigh Shaping HIIT: Home Workout

  1. Suzie

    I enjoyed the break from intense cardio today! I did one round including warm up and cool down plus the 20 reps of down dog to knee to elbow, lunge jumps and burpees you mentioned you did yesterday.
    Thank you for keeping me motivated!
    Looking forward to nicer weather here so I can get outside and go on hikes with my big puppies!

  2. Love your workouts! Especially the leg and butt ones. Thank you so much for keeping the workouts free. Also, I love the new workouts you do with a warm up and cool down in one. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. Estelle

    Hi Bender Family,
    lt was a hard workout for me today. The dumbels made all the workout really challenging.
    l did it 2 times and l apreciated very much the warm-up and the cool-down.
    Thank you so much and see you tomorow.

  4. Becki

    You are so positive, but at the same time realistic. You set a great example of doing your best, but being able to go with the flow. I love following your blog and all your workouts. Thank you for doing what you do.

  5. Susan

    More warm ups and cool downs please! Just love all your workouts but I get lazy when it comes to warming up or stretching and cooling down at the end. But if I see it written down it just reminds me that it’s very important to do so lol I know I know but thank you again for all you do and providing us with free workouts and challenges EVERYDAY! Very much appreciated 🙂

  6. Karie

    I didn’t one round of this yesterday followed by a 3 mile le run. Held an 8:18 mile pace which was great since I haven’t been able to get much under 9:00.

  7. Anonymous

    At what point should a pregnant woman stop doing the leg series since you have to lie flat on you back? I don’t have an exercise ball yet, but am planning to get one soon. Thanks!

    • benderfitness

      Many doctors recommend stopping exercises where you lie on your back after the first trimester. I would check with your doctor to be sure.

      If lying on your back causes any dizziness it’s definitely best not to do it anymore. My doctor was fine with me doing some exercises on my back, as long as it wasn’t for an extended time period, because I had no symptoms or discomfort, but everyone is different. I hope that helps!

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