15 Minute Cardio HIIT Fat Melting Workout: No Equipment

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Hi Everyone!

I have a great workout for you today! Are you ready? This is a 15-minute per round Cardio HIIT Fat Burning Workout. You don’t need any equipment.

We are now on Day 9 of my Original 30-Day Workout Challenge. I have to confess that I didn’t get my workout in yesterday. I will be stacking yesterday’s Standing: Buns & Thighs Workout with today’s workout.

My dad came out for a visit, so I spent the day with family. Technically, I could have made time for the workout last night. We have had house guests for more than two weeks, so I just wanted to spend time with Jesse. I did some random lunges/squats, and had mini races with my 3-year old niece just to get in some activity during the day, but no formal workout.

Remember, even if you miss a workout you can get right back on track. This is more than a 30-day challenge. We are building a healthy lifestyle. We are reminding ourselves that we can make time for our health. We can fit in a 15-minute workout. If you miss one (or more than one) we just get back on track and keep going. That’s what this lifestyle thing is all about.

Lemon Chicken with Creamed (Almond Milk) Spinach

How do you keep yourself accountable? How do you stay on track? If you have any tricks or techniques to staying consistent let me know in the comments below.

I am working on sharing more recipes with you. I just need to make the time to type them up (if you have secrets for making more time in your day you can post those below too!) We are transitioning to an Anti-Inflammatory diet, and severely limiting dairy. I am lactose intolerant. I can handle only very small amounts, but I have trouble cutting myself off before I hit that limit. What can I say? I love cheese. I find it very rude that cheese doesn’t love me back. 😉

I will write more about the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and some of the changes we are making. If you have any questions about it let me know, and I will try to answer them in my blog post.


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50/10 Intervals. 50 seconds max reps, 10 seconds rest between exercises. 

1. High Knees
2. Burpee
3. Jump Kick (right)
4. Jump Kick (left)
5. Russian Kicks
6. Squat Jump
7. Mountain Climber
8. Lunge Hop (right)
9. Lunge Hop (left)
10. High Knees Tap
11. Frogger
12. Heel Tap Squat Jump
13. Plank Jack
14. Pop Up
15. Low Jack


5 thoughts on “15 Minute Cardio HIIT Fat Melting Workout: No Equipment

  1. Nicole from Sydney, Australia

    My legs needed that!! Thank you for the HIIT today… sweating buckets on a very hot and humid day in Sydney. I know I will continue burning throughout the day after that intense work out. Cheers!

  2. Hey Melissa,

    After yesterdays STANDING BUNS & THIGH SLIMMING WORKOUT found this a teeny tough on the quads! Only did this x1 as it’s 0230 in the morning and -6 degrees here in Athens Greece. Haven’t missed a workout this year… (yeah me ) and apart from tonight have been doing the “split stretches” as well. I normally do each workout x2 or x3 rounds.

    Accountability…. i just wrote myself a note that to not go to bed without completing my workout regime unless it’s completely out of my hands. (but if I’ve got 5 mins to sit on social media…. then I’ve got 5 mins to workout here and there. Maybe it’s doing pushups against my bath tube whilst my kids are in the bubble bath… :p ) Being creative around 3 boys isn’t too hard…. Plus i have a monthly calendar that I print off the internet (it’s stuck on my fridge) and i mark the days with a tick for workout completion…. a month full of ticks earns me spa mani and pedi! (rewards)

    Food – I’m mostly vegetarian to raw/vegan…. however this year I have put the whole family on a vegetarian/vegan reset. Trying to avoid all animal products – or at least a large amount as Cheese seems to be hard one to give up!!! Kids are on homemade almond mylks and just taking one day at a time. Writing what kids like or don’t and then trying it a different way. No health issues – I just want them to be aware of the footprint we leave on the planet and how we can be healthy on just a plant based diet. I’d be interested to know how you go on the Anti-Inflammatory diet. Pineapples are said to be good anti-inflammatory foods!

    Thanks for all these workouts… truly amazing what you have on offer here.

  3. Soyenne

    Since starting work again this week, I have had to change my schedule. Wake up at 4:20, go for a power walk to at least kick start my metabolism and then after I have made supper I go for another walk to warm up and then do your workout for the day. I have been doing well while on holiday and managed to burn more than my daily cal intake. Stressing about being at work and not being able to do that. I love your workouts so much. Thank you for you!!!!!

  4. Michelle

    Awesome workout. I was doing great at the start of the challenge then day 6 came and I was sick. BUT I’m back at it and doubling up on the days until I catch up. WHOOP, WHOOP! And onto day 10. Yikes!

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