Core & Butt Workout with Fat Burning Cardio: 16 Minute HIIT

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready to workout? I hope you answered yes! Today’s workout is a good one. It’s focused on strengthening your core and butt, but is still a great full body workout. Every other exercise is a Cardio Burn move so you will also be burning fat, and getting in a great cardiovascular challenge with this routine. You don’t need any equipment for this workout. I used the stability ball for one move, but I demonstrate an alternate exercise at the start of the video for anyone without equipment.



I found this workout series very challenging! I was sweating like crazy, my waterproof mascara was all over my face by the end of the routine, and I definitely felt like I got in a good workout. Challenge yourself to go for max reps & really push through the workout. The great thing about HIIT/timed workouts is that you can always adjust it to your level. When you are just starting out you will need more breaks, and get in fewer reps. As you grow stronger you will find that you can push yourself to get in more reps. If that gets easy (woohoo for entering #TotalBeastMode!) you can add equipment such as a weighted vest or dumbbells to some of the moves to increase the challenge further.

Maverick seemed happy that I was working out!

Maverick seemed happy that I was working out!

These little modifications allow you to continue to progress the workout and break through any plateaus that you might be facing.

I went through this workout 1 time, and paired it with a 3-mile run. Jesse, Maverick and I had a family run last night. It gets dark super early at this time of year, so we put several blinking lights on the running stroller, wore bright colored clothes, and wore another blinking light. If you are running outside, be sure to stay safe and make sure any traffic can see you. Run against traffic, and never take it for granted that someone can see you, especially at night.

Sweaty post-Run. We wore bright colored clothing, and used blinking lights to stay visible.

Sweaty post-Run. We wore bright colored clothing, and used blinking lights to stay visible.

I have had a great workout week so far, and I feel so much better for it. It’s amazing what exercise does for your body physically and mentally.  This week our new workouts included:

40-Minute Power Yoga Fitness Sculpt: Sean Vigue & Melissa Bender
Total Body Workout with Fat Burning Cardio: 16-Minutes

I also taught a 60-Minute group yoga class on Tuesday, and got in a 3.5 mile run with the running stroller that day as well. I hope you are enjoying the workouts! Let me know how you are doing/feeling in the comments below!

Have fun,

PS You can find me on Social Media: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness and Jesse is on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1 

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1. Jump Rope
2. Bridge/Ball Pull
3. High Knees
4. Side Plank Leg Circles-Right
5. Speed Skater
6. Side Plank Leg Circles-Left
7. Squat Jumps
8. Bird Dog
9. Static Skips with Arm Reach
10. Leg Lift/Bicycle/Hip Lift
11. Burpees
12. Tricep Leg Circles-Right
13. Russian Kicks
14. Tricep Leg Circles-Left
15. Mountain Climber
16. Plie Pulse Squat

Repeat 1-3X



15 thoughts on “Core & Butt Workout with Fat Burning Cardio: 16 Minute HIIT

  1. Katherine

    Such a good workout! I loved the variety of moves especially the circle ones that my body isn’t used to.
    I like it when you write about running with Maverick in the jogger it brings back great memories I have of running with my babes in the jogger. We got a lot of use out of that thing!

  2. Chelsea

    I noticed you are wearing the FitBit Surge in your video, which is the fitness watch I’ve had my eye on. Is the GPS accurate during runs? Does it still track steps and the runs well while pushing a stroller?

    Thank you for your workouts!

  3. Grace Richards

    Hi Melissa, what kind of pram is your running pram? I am currently baby shopping and would like to get a running pram, however the options are overwhelming. I will be doing this workout today! Although I am slowed down by my baby belly these days. Thank you for the workouts!

  4. Suzie Kropp

    Excellent, challenging workout! I did have to rest for a few seconds during several moves. I think partially because I did not sleep well last night and my body is tired after a long workout yesterday. I normally have no trouble doing the hip lifts, but found them very difficult today. My lower back must be tight. Was going to try to go through 2 rounds, but decided to just go 1 round, do a couple challenge moves and focus on stretching my back. I will definitely come back to this workout. Loved the different moves. Leg circles are tough!! 🙂

  5. Sandra S

    Always love your workouts Melissa, you are fantastic !! Maverick is the cutest;) it felt great and I can relate to you on so many levels with being a mom and getting in proper meals and workouts

  6. Sara

    Love this workout!!! It kicked my butt!!!! I had to modify some moves but I got throught it. I will come back to this workout. Love the cardio burst in between. Thank you Melissa.

  7. Stacey

    Great workout thank you! Sounds like you’re getting a bit of a routine in place with Maverick! I’m sure it takes time to figure out a “juggling” schedule.

  8. Sherri

    Great workout. Super energized. Modified planks cannot stay on my forearms, so I do high plank on straight arms. Not sure why it burns my elbows. Thank you for all you do.

  9. My shoulders are screamingThe intensity of this workout is just right and I would like to this type of workout most of the time. It’s not hard to find this type of workout in your collection. Thanks!

  10. Lindsey

    Did this one twice today. Dripping!!! I have trouble with Russian kicks, I can’t always jump alternating my legs so I just step.

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