20-Minute Fat Burning Total Body Workout with Millionaire Hoy

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Hi Everyone!

I am super excited to share today’s brand new workout with you! Today we have special guest instructor Millionaire Hoy!

This is a fantastic Full Body workout, that incorporates all kinds of new and fun movement combinations. There are movement patterns in here that I have never tried before, so you know when I am cleared to workout I will be trying out this routine!

It’s an Interval Fat Burning Workout so be sure to push yourself the entire time & work at your maximum. You should work up a sweat, and be breathing hard during the workout. Those are good signs that you are really pushing yourself!

Research shows that when it comes to burning fat and maintaining lean muscle mass workout intensity matters. Higher intensity workouts lead to more fat burn, and this workout style helps build lean muscle. That lean muscle then translates to a higher metabolism and a greater burn ALL the Time!

You can find Millionaire Hoy on Youtube: www.youtube.com/yaboymillhoy and on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat): @yaboymillhoy

Special thanks to Millionaire to helping me out while I am waiting to be cleared for exercise again, so I can keep bringing your guys new workouts! We have another Special Guest workout with Sean Vigue headed your way. It will be a brand new Full Body Pilates workout, so stay tuned for that one!

I am slowly, but surely regaining strength and endurance. I am limited to walking right now, but I feel better and stronger every day! This photo is from yesterday at 12 days Postpartum. Maverick loves going on walks!

Have fun with today’s workout!

PS I am on Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness and Jesse is on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1

Workout Breakdown:

Warm-up — 00:28

Water Break — 02:34


Circuit 01:

01 — Heisman Sprints — 02:59

02 — Squat Ab Burpees — 03:59

03 — S2S Jab Sprints — 04:59

04 — Scramble Jacks — 05:59

05 — Stacker Thrusts — 06:59

06 — Sagat Sprints — 07:59

07 — Majesty Squats — 08:59

08 — T-Jugglers — 09:59

09 — Brisk March — 10:59

10 — Free Throw Burpees — 11:59

11 — Squat Jab Combo — 12:59

12 — Toe Tap Kicks — 13:59

13 — Hit & Run — 14:59

14 — Clap Tuck Burpees — 15:59

15 — Gravity Climbers — 16:59
Cool-down Stretch — 17:59

25 thoughts on “20-Minute Fat Burning Total Body Workout with Millionaire Hoy

  1. Chelsea

    So ready to do this workout today!! Looks fun and TOUGH!!! Love his energy. Thank you Millionaire Hoy! You’re awesome Melissa for doing this for us benderfitness fanatics! Can’t wait to work out with you again! I know when you’re cleared for working out you’re going to bring the heat!!! Take care. God bless your family.

  2. rachelborycz

    Thanks Millionaire Hoy! I incorporated this into what I did today. My first time doing one of your routines. I enjoyed it. Thanks Melissa for collaborating with other trainers. I also enjoyed it when you did a video with Sean Vigue. And having Jesse around to lead workouts is awesome too.

  3. What on Earth! Now that was another level!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m completely spent and I feel totally unfit after that work out but I finished it and had a great smile. Just love the energy! Miss you Melissa and enjoy your recovery x

  4. Julie

    Awesome workout!! Loved the combination moves in there!! …real feel good workout!! Also the boxing style moves were really engaging my core so I Loved it!!

  5. Anonymous

    Freaking awesome workout!!!! Best one I’ve done in a long time. His energy and style are amazing! 231 calories in 20 minutes!!! I’ll take that.

  6. LauraB

    Thanks for sharing this great work out. Thanks to all your workouts over the years, I was able to keep up with this except for the jump squat/push up clap, where he added one every time. I stopped at 2 of each and did that through the rest as he was adding. I thought I would hurt myself if I tried to add more claps after the push ups!
    I love your workouts! Thank you!

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