Full Body Quick HIIT Fat Burning Workout: No Equipment

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Good Morning!

This is a quick, but efficient full body, fat burning workout. Quick, but intense workouts have great benefits for both Fat Burning and Metabolism Boosting. This workout utilizes full body movements to create balance in your body and muscles.

Don’t be afraid to push! Push yourself to get in as many reps as you are capable of during each interval. HIIT isn’t the time to pace yourself! That said, if you need to take a break, take it, and get back into the workout as quickly as possible.

When I filmed this workout I repeated it 2X. Let me know how many times you go through it in the comments below, on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness or on Instagram/Twitter: @BenderFitness

I can’t wait to get started filming my new workout series after I have my baby! If you want to know more about how my pregnancy is going you can read about it here: Fit Pregnancy: 37-Weeks Pregnant & Counting. I am 37-Week & 5-Days Pregnant today, and we finally got the nursery 90% done! All we need is a glider or other comfortable chair for nursing and rocking the baby. I included some photos below from my maternity photo shoot. We are blessed to have the most amazing friend & photographer: LeeAnn Freeman of Generations Photography & Gifts.

I still have several workouts to film that are great whether you are pregnant or not, but between trying to re-organize our house, get the nursery setup, buy the rest of the things Baby Bender needs, working full time, and napping (that feels very necessary right now!) there just hasn’t been enough time. I have a feeling that baby is staying put past his due date, and if that ends up happening I still have some time to get some new workouts filmed to share with everyone.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this throwback workout! If you like it share it! When you share these workouts, comment on Facebook posts, or like Instagram photos you are helping to make BenderFitness.com more visible and more successful (which helps keep it free, by offsetting the costs of running a blog!) Facebook and Instagram have changed their settings, which sadly means that my posts are hidden from people’s Facebook news and Instagram feeds unless I want to pay big bucks for advertising. Thank you for coming here and showing your support!


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 15 Rounds of 10/50 Second Intervals.

1. Burpee
2. Sumo Squat
3. Burpee
4. Pendulum Squat
5. Burpee
6. High Knees
7. Up/Down Dog (Dive Bomber)
8. High Knees
9. Walk the Plank
10. High Knees
11. Frogger
12. Temple Tap Abs
13. Frogger
14. Leg/Hip Lift
15. Frogger

Repeat 1-3X.


6 thoughts on “Full Body Quick HIIT Fat Burning Workout: No Equipment

  1. Chelsea

    Love your workouts!!! You and Jesse have helped me so much. My health and my self-confidence have both improved tremendously!! Thank you for all that you do! You’re hard work is truly apprecited.

  2. Anonymous

    I just started your workouts last week as I am 6wks PP. I had no idea you needed your followers to share in order to continue running for free! That being said, ” I’ll be sharing frequently”!

  3. Even though you are heavily pregnant, you still post these workouts, which I appreciate tremendously. Sometimes I feel too tired or too lazy to work out, but because you post them, I cannot help but just do them. For that and everything else that you do, thank you! Arigato! Take care and the best of luck!

    ai from japan

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